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  1. As I keep saying, when you have to lie to make your point you have no point. The police officer in this incident had an instant to decide what to do. What would be saying had he done nothing and Bryant had successfully attacked her victim? The worst part is tht the fight erupted over a dispute about cleaning their house

  2. I'm a melanated American… and I'm disgusted at how they are making this girl out to be the victim. I applaud the police action in this situation. It's sad and unfortunate but what was the officer to do…let the other girl get stabbed and possibly murdered?

  3. History tells us that knives kill and this woman looked to me like she was about to stab this woman. LIES LIES AND MORE MEDIA LIES. I really feel for Americans that have to put up with this blatant lying from the mainstream media and from the demo c rats.