My initial thoughts on the George Floyd Trial




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  1. Everyone was wrong that day including George Floyd but Officer Chauvin a veteran officer should of known to get his knee off George Floyd neck because all the officer's knew he was high on some type of drug that day the man was begging for his life for 9mins also one part of the video shows when officer's approached Floyd when in his car he had something off white color in his mouth I personally think it was the fentanyl he swallowed and on that day Chauvin also looked disoriented he had a lost look in his eyes not a hydroline high but that's my opinion

  2. Thank GOD for JESUS CHRIST because WE ALL Fall Short of the GLORY of GOD. If people where saved by our ability to be Righteous Nobody would make it to Heaven. JESUS CHRIST Died so that whoever Believes in Him & Follows JESUS is Saved not by works but by the BLOOD of JESUS.

  3. Where’s the riots bro? There would not of been riots last year if MPD fired arrested and charged the four officers immediately. But they didn’t they tried to cover it up they tried to say he suffered a medical emergency in police custody the medical emergency was that he was snuffed out. That video evidence is a real bitch huh? So much willful ignorance from both perspectives sorry folks ignorance does not excuse hypocrisy.

  4. Chauvin is a POS and he got caught. Floyd could have been easily arrested properly by most cops and taken off to be booked. he didn't need to die. That's the whole thing, everything else is political garbage. As a cop you know this, stop defending him. 9 minutes is not having to make some split second decision to discharge a weapon or anything of that nature.

  5. How come there's so many YouTube videos of police not knowing the law or lawyers schooling them at stops etc. If most police officers know the law so well? It's embarrassing for the good cops how many and how often we see new videos of police being wrong and their supervisors taking over and agreeing with the accused etc.

  6. First, I love your shirt. But i wanted to say i think you nailed it when you said the city and jury would rather incorrectly interpret the law than risk Chauvin getting off of any charges. I dont thimk the trial should have been in Minnesota in the first place. Of course the jury is going to be scared to not deliver a guilty verdict on all charges! Youve got the mob there in their own city threatening to burn it all down and continue the violence if the "right" conclusion doesnt take place. Not to mention Maxine Waters threatening them with the prospect of more violence as well. Plus these jurors should have been sequestered the whole time. This wasn't a fair trial by any means because of what I mentioned. There was way too much pressure on these jurors who didnt want their lives ruined. And i cant blame them. So while i do believe Chauvin needed to be found guilt of something, I dont think it was done the fair and right way. Also, im dosgusted that Biden made this more political than it already is by calling the family while the jurors were in deliberation and then making a national speech. Thats unheard of in our history and irresponsible. Even the judge made comments about "politicans" continuing to get involved when hes repeatedly told them not to so that the process wasnt tainted.