At the Save America rally in Ohio Saturday, former President Donald Trump joked that he has to improvise because he can’t read from the teleprompters.



  1. The "viral" moment should have been when this witless windbag couldn't remember Neil Armstrong's name, and that he was "sent up to a plant." Of course, he meant planet, but the moon isn't even a planet! Then, this blundering buffoon proceeded to talk about "law and auto." And yet, people talk about Biden's cognitive acumen?

  2. A lot of Trump lovers continues to hate the truth : this tiny-hand man is a total tremendous disaster. His disaster is so great, no greatest disaster ever, you got to believe me. He's so good at disaster, you know. No more disasterest person in the room.

    God, it's hard to see so many people loving this total piece of human wreck.

  3. Narcissists attack trump for his calling out someone or something brutally and claim to want a nice president. Listen to the words of democrat leaders. Jesus called the pharisees a den of vipers. He called it the way it was. This is something I've always respected about trump. He never was fearful to say what we were thinking. Jesus did this all the time. It's the only way to get the truth out and as Americans we need to follow this example.