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  1. This has all been to prepare for kamala to take over. Yall think this is bad??? Wait till kamala takes office. She is a racist, hates whites, and has stated clearly she will hunt down conservatives as criminals. All this biden stuff is just a side show. You havent seen nothing yet. Kamala will put people in power who will back á genocide, and go after whites and conservatives with lynch parties……….its coming people. The one person you never hear from or see is kamala, because she doesn't want to be in the light right now, that way no dirt can be brought up on her. Things are about to get very deadly.

  2. cancel student debt, a lie. let all illegals in, a lie. raise minimum wage to 15 dollars, a lie. pro-union jobs, a lie. civil rights activist, a lie. papers and speeches, a lie. almost 50 years in politics saying he's making things better, a lie. trying to unite america, biggest f*cking lie.

    you voted for him LEFTIES

  3. Joe Biden is cheapen the office of president, and even BLM think Joe is a joke. With the help of the democrats failed policies and Americans leaving blue states for red states because of just down right terrible democratic policies are killing their own party, loosing seats in the house and senate because of the numbers in the U.S. census is just going to get wrost as the years go by, the only thing the democratic party can do is stop all the craziness in their states so they don't loose more numbers in their states. If not the democratic party in the house will just become a distant memory of course from their own hands through their failed policies.

  4. "biden's NOT MY PRESIDENT". That was the expression I heard re: Trump from one of my family members when he CLEARLY WON THE PRESIDENCY-ELECT and ran the country.


    I hope he gets thrown into the SLAMMER along with his other THIEF-ELECTED wannabe vp the BIGGEST GOLD-CARD CARRYING MEMBER for RACISM.