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  1. This is so stupid. All the cops need to walk off the job . Before they get killed . Not worth this stupidity. Let her go out and fight crime herself. Do her body guards have to ask her for permission. Talk about stupidity. Oh and by the way I thank you are now going to be sued because you are giving permission. So go for it lady. Can’t wait for this .

  2. Chicago Police need to pick up and move to somewhere that they'll be respected, appreciated, and are allowed to do their jobs. That goes for all cops. Don't stay where you're not wanted. You have support, just not in your area. The Blue City Idiots will figure it out eventually and hate themselves for what they did.

  3. This wouldn't of happened if they used actual common sense use of force instructors. The police have used the plausible deniability of the chase to kill people for a very long time now. If your thinking is so compromised while partaking in a high stress physical/mental workload by the time you reach a suspect than maybe you should slow down or find a new job. This isn't ''Tag You're It!''. I doubt this new law or whatever will arbitrarily prohibit all possibilities of pursuing a suspect. It will probably finalized into something more narrowly defined. And when do police ever do anything by the book? They shut off their body cams constantly. They shouldn't even have the option. There's only one type of person who can afford ro run into a situation as fast and stupid as possible with very little consequence.

  4. All criminals should be given a head start, only question is how far before the cop starts to chase him. If the officer is overweight, he probably wouldn't bother. Who wants to be a cop in Chicago? They can't get blacks to apply for being a cop. Blacks are retiring and are less than 20%.

  5. What about this, the mayors and governors should be held accountable for the dereliction of their duties that they have taken an oath to keep our states, cities and citizens safe, they should be locked up and the key thrown away! Riots, city’s takeovers, and keeping states locked down !!!