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  1. How are you not talking about another video how they got off they need to get charge these girls. They arrested him for murder than they drop the charges stole a car killed a man no charges. You keep doing this it’s countries gonna explode man people are gonna sit back and take it forever

  2. Bent up, nothing you can do medically. Sure. Fine I’ll give you that. But how about making his final moments soothing. I’ve held peoples hands, comforted them after terrible wrecks and made them comfortable after terrible wrecks. Not letting them die alone (ex cop). But society. Society is screwed for the time being until we get tired of it.

  3. It tells you the mindset of the people in that community. How can you be so desensitized to human life. This is demonic. I pray that this district never becomes a state as it was not meant to be. This type of wicked is a disease across this country. It is a shame that ‘Christian leaders’ and ‘Christians’ of color are buying into the lie of ‘systematic racism’ and are condoning this stuff. There is no such thing. This is not the ‘dream’ of MLK, this is the agenda of liberals and the left who have systematically wanted to keep people of color slaves. Maybe not in a cotton field, but in the minds. These people have internalized the idea that ‘white people’ you know, the phantom ‘white people’ that the media, BLM, Antifa and liberals have created, owe the phantom ‘black people’ something because of slavery, which they have never experienced. Nor have many of these people experienced true oppression, actual racism, or the like.

  4. The problem is, kids, regardless of ethnicity, have not sense of personal responsibility or consequences of their actions because they are not taught. Unfortunately, because the media has an agenda, you will not see the crazy stuff kids across ethnicities are doing because it’s not widely reported, and there is a narrative that the media wants to keep putting out there. Kids are not taught properly in the home anymore, and if they are, the left and liberals have weaponized these children by using law enforcement as a weapon if these children decide that they don’t want to abide by parents rules or be obedient (good parents btw). Additionally, you have parents who don’t actually parent, they just have children. They don’t get involved in their children’s lives, they depend on schools too much in raising their children; and in the case of many single women (all colors), they are so busy ‘looking for a man’ that they don’t know who they are bringing into their children’s lives. Lastly, parents have bought into these liberal ‘ideals’ which don’t protect children, so children have no idea of what it means to value themselves, much less others. They are just not taught the difference between right and wrong, and many pattern the adults around them. I know people who talk about anything, everything and everyone around their young children and those same children repeat what the parents say, and show an unconscionable amount of disrespect for people based on lies, opinions and general made up gossip. It is crazy. And when the children are disrespectful to those same parents, they wonder ‘where they get that from’.

    They need to take a page from some of the foreign parents in this country whose children have manners, do well in school, know how to think for themselves and work to have a future as a successful adult. Black kids in many of these places in the USA are taught that being ‘book smart’ is a bad thing and if you speak English properly, you are bullied, called names and terrorized. But parents don’t see this as a problem and brush it off. On the other side of that, you have the kids like these girls who are a menace to those around them, and I bet that the parents know that they are and have done nothing to discipline them. If they did this, you know they have done other stuff.

  5. Why did these girls wanted to carjack? Possibly for Street Cred. Because the culture continues to glorify this kind of behavior. And with no father no mother no schooling just rhetoric about being victims and therefore they feel justified in doing this. Why people didn't jump in? Because in past events people would jump in to defend the offenders.

  6. Let's title that article the way it would be if white kids killed a black person in car jacking.
    "Racist White Trump supporters killed innocent black business owner while he was trying to save beautiful black babies after screaming racist taunts and planning to murder all of black America"