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  1. This shit is pure demonic.. People don't believe Lucifer exists but come on it's in everyone's face and here soon you will get to meet him.. Better pick now repentance doesn't last forever.. every man woman and child will see with their eyes and every tongue will confess. Right now hes trying to bring so many children down to his level this is so sad.. His whole fan base is children and now they're going to be twisted into allowing demons in their lives/minds I used to be atheist…UNTIL I met and spoke with things that I had a strong belief they didn't exist. But it was more real than life it was more real than being awake and it wasn't a dream it was IRL lucifer is very real and meeting him made me believe in God otherwise I had no choice but to believe the things he tried telling me.. just as I speak now he spoke with me. I can't make this shit up I didn't want to believe but God has plans for many people who have no idea how to comprehend something bigger than yourself or this world.. we all have to die Don't be like me and believe that it's just going to be darkness and imagining ceasing to exist because that couldn't be further from truth. Seek my brothers and sisters of the world this is NOT the only life we get.

  2. Its actually a shame cause lil nas x and Nike could've made millions together even with this type of shoe, im sure nike thought about it but they played it extremely smart deciding not to, they Would've been ripped and tormented to shreds! plus the contracts they have with alot of athletes and etc etc would be donzo!!! If it was any other shoe im sure they'd be making millions at this moment, happily. Not rly a fan of lil nas x but, i respect his hustle him and soulja boy are the only young artist that i know of that came out with a debut song that probably broke records in ringtones and views on youtube, but tbh he sorta went from left to right pretty quick… Hell who really knows..

  3. BIG DEVELOPMENT ON THIS STORY: Just saw on my LinkedIn that Rafael Brown, Microsoft Regional Director, was celebrating 'Our first virtual concert, built-in co-development with Roblox was the first concert for many kids and young adults' – That concert was them presenting Lil Nas X – the guy who equates homosexuality with evil, but that's a positive, dances on Satans lap, and has released a limited Edition Nike with 'real human blood' called 'Satan Shoes' (for which Nike is now suing him). Had to tell someone. Search for him on LinkedIn to see for yourself.

  4. …and the people of God in this nation have been going through hell… no one ever prays for them…they just expect their presence to thwart wickedness like a passing cop car thwarts violence…no one ever prays for God…they just ask and desire and plead for the cheapest of things, and why? God needs the kind of love that most people give their dog, and when that is realised, true change will be, too.

  5. the funny thing is all these people think they're being cool putting 666 on stuff and 666 isn't the devil's number
    revelation 13:18 clearly says it is a man's number. the number belongs to the wild beast
    revelation 13:4 says the wild beast gets its power from the dragon.
    the dragon is satan not the wild beast. revelation 12:9 says that. satan is the great dragon, the original serpent
    the wild beast is actually the united nations, the 7 heads and 10 horns represent the kingdoms that make up the UN
    so all these people who think they're being cool by using 666 are just clowning themselves

  6. Ezekiel 16:49 tells us exactly why Sodom was destroyed. Word for word. Some folks try really hard to change it up a little, but the Bible was very clear. All the things glorifying Satan in our culture are horrifying – how could anyone possibly expect any decent outcomes from the depravity our culture promotes? By the time kids are ten years old they’ve seen countless people blown to bits on OLED screens and in front of their houses. Lack of parenting robs people of things that can’t be replaced later in life. It’s criminal.

  7. Hollywood seduced artists, money, cars, connection, sick I've seen videos of several rapper's young made to sexual to grow success, sucking a man offer they're power. Sell their soul to producer's to win souls for satan.
    Video abmit felatio to lil bird, control kids lil wayne, many others same admitting rapper's ramping up homosexuality. Sick info research from about 2 years ago .

  8. So right about it being a facade. Anyone involved in homosexuality or feminism has a trash relationship w their father if it even exists at all. They have been turned away from their father by their mother, who is probably overbearing in some type of way.

  9. I agree 100% with officer tatum his eyes are wide open. Just listen to him everything he saying it's the truth we need to fix the problem and quit blaming white people for our mistakes . Respect the law respect other people and respect yourself . The law is not perfect neither are we.

  10. No kidding I kinda had nightmares off that music video. But I be honest I rather support the devil than God. If you look back through out history then you can see that a lot more people got killed in the name of God and other gods then by the devil. So if you ask me the devil by my standard looks the most fun to hang around.