Rand Paul clashed with a witness during a Senate hearing on COVID-19 vaccines.



  1. I was watching the day the spokesman for the world health organization had to explain herd immunity
    because you see he made an off the cuff comment not realizing he was on the mic yet and what he stated was drive The Herd
    when the reporter picked up on this and asked him what he meant by drive The Herd
    he came up with on the spot herd immunity
    there's no such thing as herd immunity

  2. Talcum powder cancer/arsenic in baby food/ Monsanto pesticides all of these were, or still FDA approved. Kinda scared they are taking so long too approve vax How about instead offering a chance to win a car or cash prize for taking vax how about the government just give at least a 500,000 vaccine life insurance policy as long as it is safe this shouldn’t cost a dime. Just a thought…I just want people to be able to connect again and have a smile on their face, I’m ready for a change in consciousness a good change!