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  1. 5 yr old Cannon Hinnant was gunned down by a man of color in front of his house. We did not take it out on every person of color or riot. It was a tragic single killing that probably happens more offended but the media can not make $$$ from these race agenda point of view. So it just stays local or gets lost.
    Yea Frado you live out on the East end of Long Island, be careful what you wish for Dush-bag!

  2. I'm never going to look at "ACAB" seriously, but I also understand that "the cops are not your friend"…Right or wrong, the police are following the orders of corporate masters, and the idea that anyone should not resist and simply comply could prove detrimental to the public – regardless of what color their skin is. I am not saying to attack the police unprovoked, or to fight back when they have their weapons trained on you – you will die. Know the difference between your inherent/natural rights versus positive law, and remain calm when confronted. Of course, if you've clearly been violating someone else's inherent rights, then yes – compliance might keep you alive…Oh, and not having enough narcotic in your system to kill a horse might help too. And taking some advice from a video made by a law firm some years back: "Shut the fuck up!" – that very key peice of advice could save your ass from self-incrimination until you're able to talk to a lawyer.