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  1. For years the black community has pushed for racial equality and today we are not anywhere close as to where we should be. My people do not take your eyes off the goals we have set for ourselves. We don't need to be fighting among ourselves just because some are different from the rest. Officer Tatum you are no better than 45. Your agenda will only divide the race and make it easier for us to be concord. In the days of slavery white slave owners used the Bible to promote their political propaganda against African Americans and now you come with the same tactics used over 400 years ago against your own people. The MEDIA has given a voice to minorities and special interest groups. This is one of the reasons why lil nas x stands out in today's society. Just because lil nas x views are different from yours does not you the right to judge him or white people to judge you. As African Americans how can we get to where we want to be in this world if we're treating others the way we're treated.

  2. Back again because I thought of some fire shit to say. So let's begin. You start your video by claiming you did no prior research even discarding 'Montero' like it was some weird trend when actually it's his real name. The phrase "call me by your name I'll call you by mine" came from a fairly popular lgbtq+ movie with the title "call me by your name". I get it though so other rappers can talk about how they think of women as bitches and talking bout shit they do with them but that's ight? Oh someone from LGBTQ does it then it's a problem?

    I'm about to slam every single person in this mf who tries saying gays will burn in hell. Leviticus 18 22. "A man shall not lay with another man as they do a women for it is an abomination" was actually printed wrong and purposely unfixed. It actually says "man shall not lay with a child as they do a woman for it is an abomination" is is by society's standards agreeably foul and wrong.

    My question? If y'all say that's wrong then why isn't all of what's kept in Leviticus as a norm? It's now okay to mix fabrics it's now okay to have piercings and all that other junk. Wanna know what I think? It's called these people here are using religion as an ideology to base their ignorance and it's absolutely appalling to see it happening. I'm a Christian, I've been baptized and I am a believer in all things heavenly but I also can't help call bullshit on all of this. God loves all of his creation and you won't convince me that he'd ever condone an inch of what's being said in these comments.

    You sir, ah yes the video. Tell me, why should I take anything you say as merit when it is OBVIOUSLY 100% your opinion, why is it you chose to bash someone who was only trying to push past the years of bullshit. Who said anyone had the right to tell others how to live? It's free expression, don't like it? Then mind your own damn business no one asked your opinion.

    Your toxic masculinity is astounding sir, you see you may not realize but the fact you've gone as far as bringing things to fabric, if you can claim equality all while pushing the masculinity envelope folder toward it's obvious you've got a toxic agenda. That same generation as people in the comments so claim was wonderful? Those same people once beloved children were better seen and not heard, that women had their place in the kitchen. I think people like you are just afraid that women and men alike have decided to stand out and not blend in.

    Oh I think it's so funny they think men wearing makeup as a form of self expression is wrong, was it better when women were using it just to cover up their insecurities from a society that demanded more than it gave. No sir I truly believe that you should keep these things to yourself. Your promoting hatred.

  3. So I didn’t know we can turn out people. Or that were all abused. Time for black men to take responsibility for the absentee father problem that’s so prevalent. Your issues with idiots and predators that can’t respect boundaries in all orientations and abusers and opportunists in the entertainment industry need to be individually addressed. We’re not all predators. Please do better. You do make valid points that we can all agree on.

  4. Omg I think I lost a brain cell listening to this guy… WELL DUH! It's clearly a reference to religion and it's negative view of being LGBT, with the whole going to hell thing. 5:00 you complain about things like this turning kids gay but I guess you don't give shlt about how LGBT kids feel when all they see are streight couple and representation in these types of videos..