Tucker Carlson on why Americans are lucky. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. America, the richest country in the world, for about 10 people. Lots of homeless and on the poverty line.
    Amongst the world worst birth mortality rates, nearly 70% of bankruptcys are due to medical costs. Parts of your country don't even have access to safe drinking water. That might be why everybodys in a prison, atleast they get water. Nice views though..and incredibly nice when the elites are not spending your hard worked money on war, more than all other countries combined.

    The elite control the masses by manipulating fears- that's why he is bizarelly saying somebody wants to take away your Christmas..

  2. I was watching the news about the long lines of cars in Texas waiting to receive a little bit of food due to the economic crisis. This crisis could have been avoided if we have had a competent President. Look at some of the European governments how they are giving their citizens money to be able to sustain themselves during the Pandemic.

    That's what happens when ignorant people let the GOP manipulate them into thinking Trump
    was going to make America Great. It is disturbing to know that more than 70 million people still voted for a Con Man, so the question is, what would it take for these people to open their eyes and stop being "Useful Idiots"?

  3. All the Americans I have met have been really nice except for this one angry american Democrat I worked with in Canada. He went on a t great length about how Hillary Clinton should have won in 2016 and how bad Trump was. I didn't take a side I just said it seemed more a decision between which way you wanted the world to burn. He got really angry and said that wasn't true Hillary was better and that it was all rush limbaugh's fault because when Bill Clinton was president rush limbough kept calling her evil because she would't shut up and bake cookies in the White house. I told him I was really really young when Bill Clinton was president and didn't remember what he was talking about. He got really upset and kept saying it was all rush limbough's fault that Hillary lost in 2016 because he had called her evil when Bill Clinton was president. I told him it didn't really matter because I didn't vote in the US election but just going from what he was telling me it sounded like Hillary Clinton was saying dump things and because she was married to the president it was getting repeated by news all over the world and embarrassing the country.

    Does anyone know what he is talking about? I searched the internet but I couldn't find any thing about rush limbough calling hillary clinton evil.