The elite think that they are above the rules they set for the masses. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. It's all a scam. Flawed tests, 99.76% recovery rate, charletons predicting doomsday scenarios, destroying the lives of millions, rule by decree… it's all a scam. Stop complying with these restrictions. Show the oligarchs the true meaning of personal liberty.

  2. That COVID-19 banner on every video talking about this stuff is getting really annoying. I want to hear what Tucker has to say about Corona, not the WHO. If I wanted to get wrong info, I'd ask my idiot cousin.
    EDIT: Justin Trudeau is the exact polar opposite of Trump.

  3. I gotta say, thanks for saying “Wuhan Corona virus” (0:29). In defiance to bending the knee to political correctness, without malice for the Chinese citizen, I now also use the word “Wuhan” when mentioning the virus. The Chinese leadership needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE!!

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  5. Ok, that last comment was written before hearing Ferguson… And now I'm saying this was completely taken out of context. I'd say Tucker should be ashamed, but he's too low brow (if you peer at his visage, by default it seems) to care. "Me make money. Me say what makes money." – Tucker Carlson

  6. Yes, be scared. Be terrified of what might have happened… Because the idiots in office saved you. SEE! One even delayed checks just so you can know HE did something somewhere, because you saw his name on those checks… And remember… Be TERRIFIED of what almost happened, just not enough to wear a mask.