‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host on what unfolded during US-China meeting. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Tucker,
    Biden said nothing about the virus and embedded to cover up the origin of covid 19 and signed an executive order telling federal agency to stop making references to the pandemic(geographic location of its origin) because the origin of the virus is actually from Fort Detrick…..Yr govt wants to hide the truth……

  2. Ref 11:31 – Actually, the Chinese government, CCP, was the one who persecuted and killed thousands of "people with intelligence" (the intellectuals, scholars, and academics) back in the Mao days so that he was left with uneducated or under-educated, ignorant, and simple-minded youngsters and peasants for him to manipulate and control.

  3. Baizuo Nadler, like Trump said CHINA virus. It's one of your twisted false narratives to label CHINA virus as racist because China is not a race, it's a country. I wonder where you Baizuo people got your education. An accurate description of most of the socialist democrats. Not only are the Guatemalans on to your phony party now even the Russians and Chinese are. They even have a name for you. Baizuo!

  4. Do not let these racist supporters of White Supremacists fool and distract you…..The Chinese are NOT the enemy of black people, people of colour, young people and people living in urban communities across America.   IT IS RACIST REPUBLICANS THAT ARE SUPPRESSING OUR RIGHTS TO VOTE……IT IS REPUBLICANS DOING THIS TO US…..THEY ARE THE ENEMY……NOT CHINA!!!!

  5. So basically, putin was saying that that us Americans accused them of commiting Geniside, be we as Americans, did the something, for example; Slavery, killing black people, hanging black people from trees ect. I Dont believe in communism but, i agreed what putin was saying. Clean your skeletons out of your closet before you try to regulate someone else -Donnell Corbett

  6. I dunno, that’s not particularly bellicose language by Chinese/Russian diplomatic standards… I’ve seen Putin tell Eastern European leaders “The United States knows what it’s doing and it’s inching us towards global war.” How’s that for “obliquely indirect”

  7. Well that’s a new low. They are so on point with their view of the Biden administration. Embarrassing…Biden should really be scared by that. When everyone except them realises that they are weakening their own country and are being directly and openly called out on it, and the only possible way of disagreeing with the Chinese on that point is to admit the one thing that the Democrats can never admit. I don’t see how this can end well for anyone except the Chinese government.

  8. That is absolutely spot on. Why are Chinese supporting BLM? Perhaps deflection? All the while the Chinese persecute and enslave the UIGHARS? BLM your exclusivity is appalling while others suffer atrocities. No the Chinese has taken over economically and we swallow it hook line sinker. BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS. Demand USA.