Titan, the professional email start-up founded by Dubai-based serial entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia, has announced that it has secured a $30 million investment from Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com.

The investment marks the single largest investment ever made by Automattic and values Titan at $300 million, a statement said.

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The investment in Titan comes on the heels of last month’s announcement that Zeta, Bhavin’s modern banking start-up, reached unicorn status with a $1.45 billion valuation following a $250 million investment from SoftBank.

In Titan, Turakhia said he aims to disrupt the email market by delivering the first email suite built to bring businesses closer to their customers.

“Email is used by over one sixth of the global population for work, yet very little innovation has happened in business email over the last two decades,” said Turakhia (pictured below), founder and CEO of Titan.

“In Titan, we’ve built a platform specifically designed for professionals and businesses with features that drive their goals – streamlining workflows, automating tasks and making conversations richer and more contextual.”

Titan was born out of a vision to re-invent email for businesses, providing them access to tools that traditionally come at a premium price, he added.

Titan’s features are designed to bring businesses closer to their customers. With Titan’s Scheduled Send, for example, users can time their new emails to send when they’re most likely to be read. And with Follow-Up Reminders, businesses can ensure that they stay persistent when following up on leads.

“We are excited to make our largest strategic investment to date in Titan, and we are working to integrate it deeply on WordPress.com as a tool to help customers build a professional brand online,” said Matt Mullenweg, founder and CEO of Automattic.

“We believe in Titan’s potential to create a world-class suite of productivity tools that offer an in dashboard, customised user experience, in which it gives users and partners ownership and control over their personal data.”

Titan said it will leverage the investment from Automattic to deepen and expand its product suite to deliver even greater value to its current and future customers.

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