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  1. We need to defend Ukraine. Where is nato. Where is the European countries calling this out. Have they spoken out on China and Taiwan Why is this all on us we need to spread out this responsibility. Foreign policy we will not be able to take the lead on but we would be forced to follow if they did something.

  2. Biden is a half demented buffoon. He was not an intellectual giant BEFORE he got dementia. He likely plagiarized his way through college and still finished at the bottom. If not for the democratic party who embrace the mediocre, he would be an ambulance chaser at a third rate law firm.

  3. Nah, I don't believe this is incompetence. This is on purpose. They're not supporting our allies because they're switching teams. Everything he is doing supports communist agendas. He's setting everything up for communism to take a stranglehold on worldwide economy and politics.

  4. In this case Biden was RIGHT to pull the two ships out from entering the Black Sea. Last time a US warship went into the Black Sea the Russians crippled it's computer systems with their advanced electronic warfare. All they could do was steer the ship and run its engines to escape, whcih they did after suffering multiple simulated bombing runs by the SU-24. The west is better off not interfering with the Donbass or Crimea. Best avenue here is diplomatic, hence Trump was right again.

  5. Jesus!… Sanctions will do nothing against Russia, They are the true meaning of build back – build better. What the West wouldn't sell or send to Russia, they make themselves and its a better quality and other things are being traded with countries they need to get whatever they need and can afford to pay for it. So sanctions only mean that the west will be $100's billions lost in trade whilst Russia sells and makes billions. Potatoman and Hyenaharris are out of their league and haven't a clue at home let alone the World stage.

  6. So he opposed the raids but takes credit for them anyway, wonder how many of Biden’s family served in a conflict zone, nah they were too busy doing cocaine & hookers, his son would be considered unfit for military service, let that sink in, so he himself plagiarised a document then lied about it, and his son well the apple does not fall far from the tree.