Emily Jashinsky gives her thoughts on the “wokeness” problem and how it allows powerful people to “maintain their control.”

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  1. I still think the best example of SJW woke insanity taking over is the spectacle of Justice Democrats excommunicating Cenk Uygur (a man of Middle Eastern descent no less!) and embracing Neera Tanden, because she's a woman of color! so I guess she gets a free pass? Will Justice Democrats defend Nikki Haley and Candace Owens next?

  2. "if you want to be anti-racist you have to be anti-capitalism. " yet Krystal never seems to have a problem with all her beloved woke organizations making millions and billions of dollars much of it from top corporations. She is a joke and her ideology makes no sense bc she drank the koolaid for too long. she can't see the forrest from the trees.

  3. Emily Jashinsky is the real trojan horse of which Krystal speaks. The words "elite" so often referenced by the so-called "conservatives" are merely Jedi mind magic to conceal who are the true elites in this country: the ultra-wealthy oligarchy who work sub rosa with dark PAC money, to give rise to a plutocracy of the faceless wealthy who really run this country. The Federalist publication and the Federalist Society WILL NOT reveal the sources of financial support. However, the names connected to this pernicious un-American group that purportedly promotes "individual rights" while in actuality has undermined our judicial system to favor corporations and the ultra-wealthy are the Walton Family, Google, Chevron, Charles G. Koch; Richard Mellon Scaife; and the Mercer Family.

    While most of your panellists are self-funded or open-sourced, Emily Jashinsky's source of support and salary are masked from the public's view. For full disclosure, we, the people who love and support your show, should be aware of her full credentials. Conservatives of tradition like William F. Buckley Jr. were respected because conservative ideology was once grounded in principles of the Constitution as they interpreted them.

    There are no "conservatives" of this ilk today. Rather they have been replaced with rich people with a regressive mindset towards maintaining their control. The slinging of the words "wokeness" and the "elite" all come from this regressive right, the true, long-term, established, deep-pocketed elite who really run things in Washington, DC.
    Let's hear a critique of those "elites"!

    Emily is a mouthpiece from the Federalist Society, a group dedicated to maintaining control of our country's institutions while never exposing themselves to the air and light of the vox populi. Aren’t they the slimy eels of the Beltway Swamp, deep denizens who strike silently and disappear? Who really Pays Emily Jashinsky’s salary?

  4. Ladies, maybe you don't believe in cancellation because you aren't Christians. I was mocked in college classes for being Christian. I got worse grades for being Christian on 3 occasions and that was back in the early 2000's. If I even quoted statics on police shootings at my job as a teacher, I could be written up or worse yet, fired. Other teachers have called all Trump supporters racist, not exactly an open climate or forum if you voted for him. Stamping out religion is a goal of people with more Marxist and Socialist tendencies, people like Saul Alinsky have admitted as much, so the attempt and in some cases, success of cancelling Christians has worked. I'm afraid to speak up at my own job for fear that I'll be FIRED. So, I either leave, stay silent, or speak my mind and then potentially get fired. At least right now, you two ladies don't have to worry about that, be thankful. The movement may eventually come for you as well.

  5. Essentially the woke crowd are the guard dogs of the establishment. Minorities on the left are content being criticism deflecting meatshields of typical establishment bs. They will deflect by saying all criticisms agaisnt these new members of cabinet are rooted in racism or sexism. Its nice to see corruption embracing diversity and inclusion. Its ironic that minorities on the conservative/right side of politics are called sell outs when more liberal minded minorities have no issue getting pimped out by the same corrupt people.

  6. Krystal and Saagar keep saying in segments that most people don't really care about cancel culture and how the whole thing is silly, but look at these comments. Most people do care about it. I know I get annoyed when they dismiss it as not that important of an issue. It's actually one of the most important issues for me and many people I know.

  7. The most recent youTube podcast by new discourses in James Lindsey goes over a 21-page document from University of Texas in Austin. The point of the document is to only accept woke students with the evidence of woke activism on their resume, over and above all other skills. To only hire and promote activist professors and administrators, and to give them power over other administrators to control advancement and pay rates.
    This also means accepting students from so-called marginalized backgrounds, or those who faced historical ancestral grievances, even if they come from privilege today, and regardless of any other qualifications.

  8. Qualified black people in particular have made record advances in the workplace and colleges and academia, and in society overall, but the progressives insist on painting a bleak and dark picture of systemic harms. Critical race Theory that has ordinary Americans in revolt is about Karl Marx and conflict theory. This was initially intended to highlight and provoke conflict and hostility between the working class and the bourgeois and capitalists. It was turned on its head about starting a hundred years ago to focus on exacerbating hostilities and injustices throughout Western culture. It was a cynical ploy to destabilize the West and push through Communist Revolution. But if you want to talk about police brutality, executions in the Soviet Union will running a level of 880 on average, and that is not per year that was per day. That included left intelligentsia, also included left radicals, and also included innocent working class and professionals like people in technology and engineering. The destruction of Western liberalism, and the ideals that Martin Luther King pushed to universalize across racial lines, that is a step backwards, not a step forward to greater Liberty and justice for all.

  9. I agree though it's not just woke speech, it's smart speech too. The first time I heard Rachael Maddow speak I couldn't understand what she was talking about. Your speaking needs to be easier to understand than hers. I'm sure people who are not native English speakers likely struggle to understand even more than me.

  10. When I got transferred from the French subsidiary of an American company back to the states, I was terrified I wouldn't survive American HR. If I hadn't greeted my French secretary whom I ran into one Saturday in the street by kissing her on both cheeks, she wouldn't have stayed late that time I needed some Powerpoint slides changed. If I hadn't flirted regularly with the waitress at my favorite restaurant, she wouldn't have served us lunch that time I arrived with a client at ten minutes past 2:00 P.M. If I hadn't flirted with the local female bank branch manager and brought her small gifts occasionally, she wouldn't have done the transaction by phone while I was travelling that normally you need a live signature for. And so on. Luckily, the advice I was given by a co-worker on my first day back to the states proved invaluable: "Treat all encounters with females as if they're nuns."

  11. Wokeness was a problem with most people in 2015, for people paying attention it was actually getting on the radar around 2012 (it was actually being addressed as an issue on colleges over 20 years ago), now even some progressives outlets are starting to see it.

  12. Solving the problems in your own country is hard. Homelessness, health care, crime, employment, the environment, unequal outcomes… Not easy problems. Fixing them is bad for business too. Which is why wokeness is great for politicians and business. Set up more corporate training on how not to be racist (this time), repeat jingoist platitudes, toss the occasional transgressor into the volcano and call it a day. Businesses want to keep their contracts and politicians want to stay in power without having to solve the hard problems.

  13. "You either with us or against us" – everyone today. We are regressing back to caveman tribal mentality, and you can't keep a civilization based on blind fear and hate. If you open your eyes, you will see all the red flags for the coming civilization supercycle.

  14. it starts at home and school, if you grew up racist life will fix you quick, at the same time if you are lacking life will fix that as well.
    Its nobody's job to make sure people who say or do wrong things get reprimanded to just a certain amount, socially,i mean.
    p.s. I also don't like James, that guy is on another dimension in his thinking.

  15. Racial injustice huh? Please show me where this is. Some states are giving "communities of color" priority on covid vaccines now. You don't fix past racism with more racism, all that does is create resentment and more hatred. Of course that is what the media and government want, because if the Antifa/BLM rioters ever join forces with the Trumper insurrectionists then Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are going to be running for their lives for real this time. One can only hope I guess.