Rep. Katie Porter ripped Republicans for fabricating an energy crisis.



  1. As an electrical contractor that has worked on wind and solar and knows the viability of the technology, you can’t make a strong argument for growing petroleum climate change or not.

    Petroleum has served us well, but every technology comes to pass and we need to look to renewable energy in conjunction with battery technology for the future.

    All it needs is petroleum out of the pockets of politicians and to be subsidized in the same fashion, and I think we would be amazed at the progress.

  2. How does he know that the demand for the need for Natural Gass is 40%? I would disagree if we actually move toward renewable energy this number could be considerably lower. In fact, with renewables, we could very well have a glut of energy. Shere speculation to support Oil, Gas and Coal…. Nonsense!

  3. Awesome, where are the profits from this export going? Does it go to the poor? Just because we are environmentally friendly doesn't have anything to do with why we should or should not export. We should be working to not drum up antimocity with Russia. They are a dead petro state at this point and they are absolutely no threat to us whatsoever and it sounds like this republican wants that for us as well.

  4. Did THE HILL even watch this before posting? While I share Porter’s intent, this gentleman conveyed a very articulate “green energy” strategy that also happens to be an economic and geopolitical strategy.

    Porter should consider collaborating with him in a constructive manner. He’s making good faith arguments and smart ones at that.

  5. Let’s be clear this clown must be paid off by the oil companies. Because their stupidity and greed thinks that the only way to meet the growing energy demand is with their fossil fuel products. BS – the tech for the 21st century is “Liquid Air.” That’s air not wind, they are two different techniques !!!

  6. Show the proof , sir in the white shirt

    We all know US doesn't like nordstream. And they sanction their friends becuase its cheaper to get gas from Russia than from the US.

    Show proof that the US can deliver cleaner!

    The aversion against russian gas to europe is more and the US wanting to be Europe depending on the US