Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to the resignation of a New York Post reporter over a story alleging Kamala Harris’ book was being given to migrant children.

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  1. Yeah, like this hasn't happened to CNN , MSNBC, NYT, and every other Liberal Media outlet consistently since 2016, but it's a "conservative media problem". I thought you two were supposed to be Rogans example of good journalism?!?! You two are just as bad as Brian Stelter and Rachel Maddow!

  2. "Cynical and baseless rejection of election results" – Krystal Ball, normally a great reporter

    Sadly, this channel is obscuring legitimate concerns about the 2020 mail-in election by covering the various false accusations of explicit and overt voter fraud, rather than simply presenting the facts of the matter. They are also pushing the false narrative that speaking out against the mail-in voting process amounts to, you guessed it: RACISM. Whether or not there were enough fraudulent ballots to flip the election is actually immaterial to the real issue at hand: that the 2020 election was tilted in favor of one candidate by the most significant and egregious case ever of, for lack of a better term, "procedural gerrymandering," not geographical redistricting in the traditional sense of the word, but changing the rules on how we vote in order to drum up support for a historically un-popular candidate, and so it is only natural that people are going to feel "cheated" because of this. Anyway, that is my opinion. Here are some FACTS:

    1. Leading up to the 2020 election, enthusiasm for Biden amongst his own supporters was extremely low. One ABC poll found that only 24% of Biden supporters felt "strongly-enthusiastic" about him as a candidate, which was the lowest they had recorded for a Democratic candidate in the last 20 years. The same poll reported that 53% of Trump supporters felt "strongly enthusiastic" about him. Inspire of this lack of enthusiasm,
    2. Turnout for the 2020 election was the highest for a presidential election in America since 1900, at 66.7% of the population, compared to just 59.2% in 2016, 58% 2008, 61.6% 2004, & 54.3% in 2000
    3. Joe Biden garnered over 81 million votes, which is the most ever for by any one candidate. For context, Trump earned 74 million votes, also more than the previous record of 69 million set by Barack Obama in 2008.
    4. Of the total votes for Joe Biden, 58% were mail in votes.
    5. Of the total votes for Donald Trump, 32% were mail in votes.
    6. **Black voters were LESS LIKELY to vote by mail, as only 38% black voters voted by mail, compared to 45% of white voters.** Turns out that the claims of racism used to silence dissent concerning the mail-in vote process are factually “baseless.”
    7. 64% of white voters who supported Biden voted by mail and
    8. 53% college graduates voted by mail compared to only
    9. 42% non-college graduates voted by mail.

    What can we conclude from these indisputable FACTS? The mail-in-vote favored the following demographic: white, educated, upper-middle class people who have a stable home, and who reliably get their mail, in other words, people who are for the establishment and the status-quo and who don't want to see things change too much because they have it pretty good, i.e. Joe Biden supporters, the bourgeois, yuppies, you know, DEMOCRATS. It shifted the power away from: poor people, people who don't reliably get their mail because they are homeless, or they stay at a friends pad, or they bounce around different apartments, or they forgot to update their mail or have their mail forwarded because they move around a lot or because their mail is full of bills from angry creditors because they have unpaid Emergency Room visits because they don't have health insurance or because they haven't paid their credit card or their student loan, do you get the point? The mail-in vote favors the HAVES not the HAVE-NOTS, so please, stop with the "raciscm" accusations, because what is actually racist, is to use factually baseless accusations of racism in defense of what amounts to be yet another example of systemic "classism."

  3. This is way too common, a person resigns because they can't do the right thing, leaving the corruption behind to continue and become even more concentrated, the cream rises to the top.. good job guys, I just wish things could go the other way once in a while, get rid of the liars and ban them from propagating real misinformation, wishful thinking I know..

  4. As soon as this country realizes that the entirety of the Legacy media has devolved so far into this type of reporting the better off we will all be. Case and point is the present Libel Lawsuit between James Okeefe and the NYT.. Sadly this is what happens across the board concerning our society when profit and power take precedent over truth and integrity. I understand that it's hard to not fall victim to grasping onto tribal groups but it's pretty unnerving to to see the mirror comments between the left and the right. Somedays I think that because we haven't had a superpower enemy for so long now shoved in our faces daily that we have decided to find an enemy in our fellow citizens. That combined with the present movement across the country that is unwilling to talk and is blind to nuance resorting to violence as their means to an end is extremely dangerous. What will be even more of a tragedy is if history shows that right when people were finally waking up and thinking for themselves, staring to unite and break the pattern of being told what and how to think, We all fell victim to the oldest play in the book by those that never want to lose the power and profit they enjoy by keeping the populace divided.

  5. This is why you can't trust the media. I'm gonna ask this..what exactly did she mean when she said "the Trump children?" I genuinely want to know if she was referring to kids or if she was sneaking an undercut insult to Trump supporters. Please God tell me she was referring to children and not ignorant name calling because this is about the only news I watch without getting nauseous and I really don't wanna have to unsubscribe from this channel also.

  6. I thought when I first saw the story that it had to be overblown but not for the reasons mentioned. I figured the story was wrong simply because there is no way this administration was sending books by Kamala Harris down there b/c she doesn’t want her name or face associated in anyway to that disastrous situation.

  7. The reporter being ordered to write it is the only part of the story that has a ring of truth to it.

    BTW, let us not forget the story that children were being ripped away from their parents and the picture of the crying little girl … that was completely taken out of context but attached to that headline and linked to Trump.

  8. "Conservative news industrial complex"???? Apart from attempting to hijack a Mark Dice line, WITAF are you talking about? Regressive Left totally dominates traditional & online media, the entertainment industry, the education system, Big Tech, and the university system. Fox News is dogsgite entertainment and always has been. Please … PLEASE enlighten us: what is this "industrial complex" you do sloppily referred to in the midst of your vowel movement here?

  9. I don’t believe in fake news, i believe it’s a failure of modern ‘journalism’

    There’s discarded truth buried under the plethora of propaganda churned out by bad sources. It’s a mmorpg game of the crusade against the worst of human nature. So far we are losing.