Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss how the US played a large role in the COVID crisis in India.

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  1. In India, indian drug companies selling vaccines in india in higher price than it sells to Europe , and Central gov allowed the companies to overcharge…Indian companies exported it's vaccines to least affected countries without giving to Indians…

  2. DELHI: "Joe ya know, you know the thing, one more dead in the time we sing
    And they cry in the distant, to deaf ears and the resistant
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    We send our plea, across the sea, but the money was spent, now no one will see.
    Could you spare some wood, if you kindly could, my brother's laying, where he once stood
    And they cry in the distant, to deaf ears and the resistant
    I'm too sick to sing
    You know the thing

    The CEO of SII, has RUN AWAY to U. K. to ESCAPE the virus in India & has shifted the production of home grown vaccine to the U.K.
    When Indian Pharma CEO abandons his own country, why BLAME foreign PHARMAs for NOT releasing the PATENTED FORMULA ?
    The issue should be VACCINES & NOT FORMULA. If U.S. Pharmas can deliver vaccines to India, what is the problem ?

  4. Someone I know developed a cheap, natural alternative to a type of drug on the market. It had many health benefits, not just one. He managed to get it patented, which he said is difficult for natural medicine. However the drug companies did everything they could to stop the process. He was receiving death threats. They litigated him to the point that he had to give up on the business endeavor. Consequently, this natural, affordable medicine is not available to the public. How many other cases like this are out there? Pharmaceutical companies’ are willing to keep us sick so they can profit.

  5. For reference the EU helped fund the astra zeneca vaccine and have yet to receive even close to the doses agreed upon. This means that we likely wont be able to use the majority of the ordered doses as it is currently only given to people aged 65 and up. This is a really big deal and covered almost daily on the news, with the EU taking legal action against astra zeneca. The perspective over here is that the US are holding doses they do not need or want that europe paid for, just because some of the manufacturing is located in the US. To make things worse: the EU did not embargo exporting vaccines or materials for a long time, making the transaction seem very one-sided. Not a great look.

  6. I am from India. Few notes: (1 ) Krystal and Saagar both expose main stream media all the time. But when it comes to India news, they take the same US media at face value. Trust me. They are much worse in reporting India. 'Religious congregation' Kumbh Mela so far hasn't been traced to new surge. Everyone had covid fatigue and across country EVERYONE lowered the guard, including myself.
    (2) Poor country – But people behave very differently. Many poor want to have high savings. They prefer to keep money than spend on 'infrastructure like better home which increases monthly cost. It is not about the level of income. It is the mindset. May be reflects more on lack of trust in govt functioning overall ever since European colonization happened. To local temple of erstwhile King, they would happily give.
    So, India is low cost-low infrastructure. Our real poverty is in having more people for same resources and no 'problem solving' in education and still running colonial structure, mindset across all institutions.

  7. The IP protection for vaccines and methods of producing them, which is also fully backed by Bill Gates, is a crime against humanity. It’s amazing that you guys are basically the only media channel I have seen who bring this up. The issue has been known for months. It’s time to go on the barricades to lift these trade bans and sanctions, and to reign in the patent regime. This isn’t just about compassion with people in poorer countries. Its about all of of humanity. If the majority of the world population doesn’t get vaccinated the virus can continue to diversify. It’s like a world wide gigantic gain of function research experiment: it’s almost inevitable that new mutants emerge that are even more virulent than what is going around in India now, and it could easily adapt so that current vaccines are becoming more and more ineffective. We were just lucky that the original strains of the virus had not acquired the capability to overrun the innate immune system of most younger and healthy people. The strain spreading in India now has much more cases of deaths among younger people, and would also be considerably more dangerous for none vaccinated younger people in the rich countries. We really owe it ourselves to move anything out of the way so that a much larger part of the world population has access to the vaccines.