Saagar Enjeti details the “lab leak hypothesis” and how demonstrates the way “the culture war in America corrupts basic facts.”

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  1. George Webb, and his associates, reported this over one year ago: Profits Fromm patents for vaccines and vaccine productions:
    Fauci, and his associates, researched this in the USA then moved it too China:
    All gain of function needs to stop:
    Try Fauci, and his associates, for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…

  2. Forwarded many times

    "… ACS Ipoh, this is breaking news today, *23 June 2021*, at first hand.

    I have the permission of our schoolmate Prof. Dato' Dr. Lam Sai Kit to circulate the attempt of US officials trying to prejudice the investigation of the origins of the Coronavirus 19*, indirectly *against China*! Prof. Lam is a member of the *Lancet Team under the Lancet Commission to investigate the case from a *scientific and professional point*…. "

    "… I had an unusual start this morning when I was called to an urgent emergency zoom session at 7am of the Lancet COVID-19 Task Force*. US members of our task force are being threatened, and pressure is being brought on the chairman to get us *to agree with the lab leak theory over the considered and science-based evidence that the origin is likely to be from bats. We may have to resign to maintain our stand for science, not politics.
    On another issue, I have been tagged as a casual contact by MySejahtara because an store/establishment I visited recently must have a COVID case. As such, I have decided to play it safe and will not be meeting the family for dinner tonight, and will lie low for the next 10 days even though I am not on quarantine and do not require a COVID test. This will indeed a memorable day…. "

    "… Prof Lam is an ACS Ipoh boy; many of us from ACS know him personally. He said he may resign from the Lancet Covid-19 Team bcos of pressure from U.S. team members to agree that virus was leaked from Wuhan lab!
    Bloody evil Americans!
    *Bcos if Lancet says so, everyone will believe.*… "

  3. Who created the virus ? Science . That is why one circles around the world . I never believed them. Yet , if you don't get the vaccine they will find the way to get you vaccinated . Either by offer of money or meal. It is true check it out if v you don't believe me . In my birth country they offer money, in Canada they bribe children with goods . Be smart people . I will never get some unknown substance in my body . They did it to everyone in school because you will not be allowed to attend . This is bolshit . Whoever is doing that will be punished . Stay safe . and stay free of drugs .

  4. The Global Virome Project GVP is total insanity, with their mission to uncover 500,000 viruses in the world over a 10 year period so they can protect the world from it. Total insanity considering the total disaster of the Covid-19 coverup in China and the WHO and Fauci and the US government and the disaster they released to the whole world for the over the past 19 months and still haven't solved and fixed and revealed the truth of what happened. So the American people and the world and all countries need to expose and shut down the GVP project and the disasterous risk that could leak to the world over the next 10 years and more. The citizens of the world need to be protected against the GVP the riskiest project in history.

  5. The citizens of the US don't have access to the same news and they are fed different news based on who the end user of the news is. There are two opposing sides of the media who report different stories to their readers it's sort of like social media presents you with stories based on your usual stories you are interested in. It's sort of like the 2 main political parties in the US each consider the the other the enemy and the case of all the problems in the country. Best wishes for the real truth to be revealed to everyone especially with regard with the whole Covid-19 story and facts.

  6. The Hill is fake news. There is no cover up. The thumbnail even says "Hypothesis Coverup?", but then the title states it as matter of fact.

    "“Wuhan lab” theory proponent Nicholas Wade pushed racist pseudo-science in 2014 book"

    The hill couldn't have done basic research on that reporter's credibility? Or they covered that fact up.

    The main stream media isn't covering EITHER hypothesis because there is NO direct evidence for either theory. It would be irresponsible of them to report a bunch of conjectures. But yet, here we have the Hill IMPLYING that the origins are a lab leak.