Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti analyze vaccination rates across the country.

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  1. People don't think it's safe, and there is nothing the news or the government can change that, which means delayed re-openings, it means more hesitancy for people to return to normal, which all means reduced economic growth or even stagnant economic growth. Not to mention millions are behind on their rent, hundreds of thousands have been evicted already, and there is no relief so they aren't participating in consumerism which also adds to a slower or stagnant economic growth. Despite the vaccines administered in the billions across the globe with 262 million vaccines administered from the U.S. and no one dying as a result of the vaccines and less than 1% of those had serious side effects that required hospitalization, people still don't think it's safe… It's not so much that people getting the vaccine now are guinea pigs, the guinea pigs have already been tested 70,000 last year before the virus was approved for emergency use and 200 million shots from January till April 30th. The data collected is also wide ranging since you can report any symptoms to the VAERS allowing them to know who is most at risk, and the frequency of adverse side effects of the vaccines… They vaccinated old people first for a reason, they were the guinea pigs.

  2. I live in just such a rural area, and I can tell you that they are already not wearing masks. For better or worse, they generally don't believe anything the media or government tells them and prefer to put their faith in their "own research," which means very questionable sources, at best.

  3. the people not getting it are most likely the people that will be unaffected (which means they won't spread it and also won't cause variants) so they don't need it in the first place. we shouldn't be running the numbers as "X% of the total population", we should be running it as "X% of the vulnerable population" because that would actually make sense.
    Besides that, the messaging feels like propaganda which is obviously going to cause hesitancy NOT TO MENTION that it's experimental and that many institutions have lost our trust yet demand we trust them.

  4. America is a weird country now. You got vaccine but people are not getting vaccine while here millions have register to get vaccine but no vaccine. Need to create awarness as not getting vaccine will mutate the virus and will make the pandemic last longer and deadlier.

  5. The argument that they can get back to not wearing masks makes no sense. Most red state inhabitants aren't wearing masks. People who believe Trump over objective truth and fact are not going to be convinced by scientific fact. Covid will be with us for a very long time because of them.

  6. The WHO just declared the triple-mutant strain from India a global health risk that can evade vaccines.
    Fauci also declared fewer masks are needed now due to the decline in vaccination rates. Derp.
    Neither are trustworthy sources, they've both had conflicts of interest this whole time. It's why they were both quick to ax the lab leak hypothesis.

    Either way, people are cattle, you're dumb for wearing a mask and you're dumb for not. After a year of this stuff whatever the public response and projected image is doesn't match reality in one way or another…