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  1. These Satanists are fighting for the SOUL OF THE NATION. THEY ARE SATANISTS AND LEADING SOULS DOWN THE WRONG PATH. If more people on the left don't do some soul searching and turn to Jesus Christ they will keep being deceived. They can not see or hear the truth. They are in strong delusions and God will make stronger since no truth can be found in them!

  2. Biden looks a kid who finally found the egg that was hidden on his own body . Then holding it up saying I win I win I found it first yippee , what do I get .Calm downJoey you get an extra jello after dinner, By the way Joey did you doody in your diaper again, let's just go and find out.

  3. He's not the Trojan horse, he's their sacrificial lamb…. the pound of flesh they intend to feed their own half functioning 'moderates' when they get established…good ol' moonbat nancy already outed their plan trying to fly with it at trump….
    (25 amendment) soon as she got wind of the whispers in true lunatic style like only she's notorious for. C'mon? How transparent does it have to be before captain obvious slaps you to your senses, folks….