Krystal Ball and Rachel Bovard discuss a New York Times article that evaluates what portion of the population must acquire resistance to the coronavirus, either through infection or vaccination, to achieve herd immunity.

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  1. Herd immunity, masks, the virus he paid to have made. He has made fear and health gods.
    This…this is what people have allowed to destroy thier families, livelihoods, friendships and sadly for some…have allowed these people to dictate health decisions they now can't undo. Handing over all your common sense to a few elite to call all your shots so you could feel safe and be part of the clique and kick everyone out who weren't hypnotized by the narrative and it's been nothing but consistent lies….how safe do you feel now?….. WHAT have you DONE!!!?

  2. Dr. Fauci is a compulsive liar and a Plutocrat for the Elite Globalists who have funded Gain of Function Reasearch to develop a Spike Protien modeled from a Sars Virus that could fit the Human ACE2 Cell-Surface and thereby enter the Human Cell and cause infection in Humans. The Sars Virus that the Biotech Engineers managed to Genetically Modify was extracted from a specific Bat Species that is Indigenous to China and certain parts of Southeast Asia and they found that they could modify the Spike Protien so that it could cause infection in Humans. All of this is being covered up by the WHO, the CDC, and all the Plutocrates among the Satatists who are under the strict Control of the Elite Globalists who are Oligarchs and they are the Proprietors of all the Major Media Agencies Worldwide and they have complete control over the propaganda being circulated by those said Media Agencies. One Oligarch in particular is Bill Gates among many others who are members of the Council on Foriegn Relations as they are affiliated with the Jason Society also referred to as the Third Order of the Golden Fleece. Jason is an indipendent group of Elite Scientists which advises the United States Government on matters of Science and Technology, mostly of a sensitive nature. Current unclassified research interests include: Health Informatics, cyber warfare and renewable energies. The Modified Spike Protien was first made possible through a Monetary Grant that was Brokered by Dr. Fauci in the amount of $600,000.00 US Dollars. Dr. Fauci has explicitly stated repeatedly that the funds were given to a Research Facility in North Carolina, United States and that the reason was not for Gain of Function Research. How can we be so sure that those funds weren't used for Gain of Function Research since Dr. Fauci has repeatedly flip-flopped on his answers while being questioned at Congressional Hearings and Interwiews. I along with many others including those in the Government suspect that the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China was not the only Viral Lab in the World that was Commissioned by the Oligarchs responsible for funding, developing and intentionally unleashing of the Modified Virus now known as the Sars2-Covid2 Virus.

  3. What is this term 'Herd Immunity'? Are Human Beings now referred to as 'Cattle?
    Are we all 'Sheeple'?
    They will not attain Herd Immunity nor will they attain Herd Mentallity as long as there are still those of us who are able to peer clearly through the wool being pulled over our eyes!