Krystal Ball weighs in on the debate over whether progressives should make demands in exchange for support of Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.

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  1. This is all Dore is Good For. He tears into individuals on the Left for the fact they're on the Left. Again I remind you and OTHERS. You're not on Capitol Hill Nor is Dore. Already we can see the Fascist Nut Jobs of Cruz, Hawley and Bouvet being sidelined for supporting THAT Insurrection. Maybe there's hope yet that still some Republicans have a spark of humanity between their ears. What's not needed is a Loud Mouth on the left finger pointing and Cajoling individuals. Please remember two weeks ago the Dems did'nt have two extra seats in the senate, NOW THEY DO! You also have Nina Turner running for Congress. Something I'VE HAD TO LEARN PAINFULLY IS ALL IN GOOD TIME, ALL IN GOOD TIME!!

  2. Jimmy Dore and The Hill make their living by pandering to people's anger. They rationalize this by claiming that we could fix all our problems if we just identify the bad guys and inspire the good guys enough. The awful truth is that your anger is necessary but it isn't enough. Identifying the bad guys helps but not much. If establishment politicians magically turned to dust they would be replaced by people with the same beliefs and corruption; identifying those beliefs and corruption is much more important. At some point they need to get replaced with progressive politicians and that is easier with something of a beach head. The problems are systematic. Stop thinking of this as a fight of good vs evil where a moment of heroism will solve everything forever.

  3. And they will never get a foothold in areas where Common Sense rules. Shall we start taking a look at how your social experiments and social justice… Is working out for you? Let's see… Seattle? Not there. Portland? Not there either. Michigan? Since the matriarchal system of governance in Michigan, is failing on every level. I'm going to say… Not there either. New York? Sure… Look at how well that leftist utopian society, is working out.

  4. For those not keeping track of the infighting within the American left, here is a primer:

    The "Dirt Bag" left includes hosts from the podcasts Chapo Trap House, Cum Town and Redscare as well as others who hate "Identity politics" and are "Class Reductionists". They believe that Identity Politics distracts from "Class Consciousness" and advocate for revolutionary change to bring down capitalism. They are known for expression their views with dark, edgy and offensive humor and regularly cross the line with other leftist groups on tactics and optics. There is even a schism in the this group that has splintered off into it's own group.

    The "Edge Bag" left is an offshoot of the Dirt Bag left that includes youtubers like Vaush as well as others who push for change but are still pragmatic realists that believe Identity Politics can be used for social justice as well as being weaponized depending on context. They are known for making dark and edgy jokes, similar to other Dirt Bag leftists but tend to "punch-up" instead of down.

    The "IDPOL" left includes the DSA, Neo-communism, Resetera, Breatubers such as Contrapoints, Hbomberguy, Innuendo Studios, Peter Coffin, Shaun, Thoughslime as well as others. They believe that Identity Politics is incredibly important and that "Class Consciousness" that doesn't factor in the lived experiences of marginalized groups is harmful. They prioritize intersectionality ie; how oppression systemically and individually affects marginalized groups within society.

    The "Antipol" left includes r/stupidpol, Micheal Tracey, hosts of Redscare as well as others. There is a huge overlap between Antipol and Dirt Bag leftists but a significant difference between them is that Antipol is also anti-sex work, anti-pornography, against sex positivity and complain about cultural degeneracy ie; a cultural decline due to the commodification of sex. Essentially, they are fiscally leftist but socially conservative without fully advocating for which theocracy society should be run under.

    The "Democratic" left includes The Young Turks, Sam Seder, David Pakman, David Dole, Benjamin Dixon and others. They believe that leftist change can only realistically happen through changing the democratic party from within by pushing for more left-leaning and progressive candidates to different positions of power in both the party and government. They typically will choose between the "lesser of two evils" if their preferred candidate doesn't win.

    The "Anti-establishment" left includes Jimmy Dore, Tim Black, Krystal Ball, Katie Halper, Graham Ellwood, Ron Placone,
    Jamarl Thomas, Kim Iverson as well as others. They believe that the establishment is too broken, too inept and too corrupt to be salvaged and instead primarily advocate for third parties and independent candidates. They regularly attack other leftists and progressive politicians for failing to push through leftist policies. They heavily prioritize revolution over incrementalism and due to their consistent, in depth attacks on moderate democrats and leftist politicians, have also garnered a sizable right-wing fanbase.

  5. Yes Krystal, correct once again. The one man who is hugely popular and is changing the political narrative. Went from non-descript geek of Taiwanese descent to a huge CNN star and some form of his UBI idea is being fought over in the political power centres of the country. How did he do it the yang gang on social media.

  6. If you can't dismantle the argument you attack the messenger. The irony in Yasha's little screed is that it's pure projection: old media dinosaurs and swamp-creatures worried that their influence and viewership is being usurped by independents who aren't hobbled by the constraints of corporate oversight and censorious donors. Yasha's description doesn't match prog-left independent media, but it certainly does sound an awful lot like MSNBC et al.

  7. The fact that you have enemies means you shouldn't be running for any position in Government. People with different opinions are not your enemies. They are people, regular people in America. That is what makes America the place it is. A place where people with different ideas and opinions can come and live together working to make the place they live and love a better place. Your mistaken if you believe otherwise.

  8. There are no Progressive leader in Democratic Party, AOC and other juiced left voters via social media pretending they are leftist,, come out of that illusion that AOC is or any other democratic leader is progressive that will stop your pain and frustration
    it is time to expose them as 'fraudster" putting a mask of progressive

  9. After the recent Bernie's loss, the Left is split between those who still trust Bernie's vision to work within the Democratic party (mostly voted for Biden) and those have stopped trusting Bernie and still demand for a third party. Kyle Kulinski talked about this split in one of his videos. The Bernie or Bust crowd belongs to the latter, they tend to prefer Jimmy Dore's political ideology, and many of them still regard Bernie Sanders as a traitor to the Progressive cause so they voted for the Green party instead.

    Splits like that weaken the Progressive movement even though the 2 groups are fighting for pretty much the SAME outcomes, i.e. Medicare-for-All, Free College, Lesser Wars, etc. But because they differ in the way to achieve these goals, and they support different candidates, they frequently fight between themselves and weaken one another, much to the entertainment of the establishment.