Krystal Ball and Rachel Bovard react to Josh Hawley’s plans to challenge the electoral results and Walmart’s apology for calling the Senator a “sore loser.”

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  1. Kristyl sounds idiotic when she condescends the right for fighting this. You’re just dumb or naive if you think there wasn’t massive fraud in this election. Look up the recent data science presentation showing 432k vote swing in PA (that hasn’t been accounted for), fraud in every direction in Georgia, and huge ballot dumps in Wisconsin and Michigan. You think you’re slick but you’re making a fool of yourself by closing your eyes and pretending it didn’t happen.

    Trumps team would’ve done much better if they just focused on the signature verification while using the additional fraud in a supplementary capacity.

    Hawley will be trumps VP in 2024.

  2. Oleander410
    Populism can’t be “on the right,” almost by definition. Since the coinage of the left/right paradigm, “right” has always signified the conservative interests of wealthy, ruling minorities. French aristocrats, Southern slavers, Waspy industrialists, etc. “Right populists” are short-circuiting leftists.

  3. That tweet from Niki Haley at 5:46 simply says not another round of stimulus for large corporations. She wants stimulus not to include giving money away to Europe and the Middle East. Not saying NO stimulus just no to gender whatever in Pakistan and large businesses. She has acknowledged that stimulus is in the wrong hands. That is true and democrats proved that with the last go-around when we got some change and the rest of the world got OUR tax money. That in a nutshell, tells all you need to know about our government. We got 173 billion and the world got 763 billion. Yeah, don't forget your mask and stay home because we are in a pandemic! I am so glad I live in Florida.

  4. "Stop the steal ridiculousness," is it ridiculous, Krystal? Does everything seem on the up and up? Joe Biden after losing miserably twice got more votes in US history even after virtually being hidden from voters and totally unclear on HIS policies. Not to mention, his son's business dealings enriching his family with tax dollars in Ukraine and China. That story from the NY POST was censored from voters, Hunters laptop, 400 signed affidavits, and video evidence, Dominion, etc….. All of that, and somehow the Russia hoax really seemed like it had teeth. Liberal judges and the rotten legal system has seen fit to pretend it is just not evidence and has simply dismissed cases, not even looking at the evidence. Yeah, Joe Biden is YOUR president, he will always be the underbelly and disgusting DC swamp creature he has always been to the tune of 50 years!! Wake up folks MSM and the intelligence agencies have been working overtime to control the narrative and create your reality. My grandfather worked at the pentagon for 3 decades and says this has been a practice using just the radio to manufacture consent back in the days before television. When you control the means of communication, you control the reality and minds of millions in today's digital realm. Wake up folks, the government in this country is the enemy of the people. Does not matter what political side you're on because they're not on your side. The song and dance they do every day in congress is a game they play to figure out how to extract wealth to enrich themselves from the people of this country and it must stop.

  5. As a democrat I support the stop the steal movement. I don't know how anyone that watched Bernie get hosed twice, watched the "shadow app" hide results, and blocked Andrew Yang from debating could think that the DNC follows any rules whatsoever. DNC needs to be called out. We have Biden as president, but how many democrats do you really know that picked him. Seriously, how many compared to the amount of Bernie Bros, Yanggang, Tulsi fans, and Elizabeth Warren supporters. Something is really off. Anyone who is against it just is against Trump, which I completely understand. It's like people would rather watch their opponents lose rather than win.

  6. Hawley isn’t doing this to pander to republican voters because he worked with Bernie on 2000 stimulus checks hawley unlike Krystal understands republican voters and Trump supporters also wanted the 2000 stimulus we just wanted it in place of foreign spending in other countries. I’m a fukn construction worker and I understand this nonsense better than TheHill.

  7. No, Now Walmart can go back to business as usual with China. Also Hillary sat on Walmart's board of directors for six years. Sam Walton’s daughter, Alice Walton, as well as a grandson, Sam Rawlings Walton, gave $353,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund.  It makes you wonder why all the big box chains were able go stay open, while mom & pop were first forced to close.  Record profits for big retail, 40% mom and pop stores closed permanently. Party of the little guy, MY A$$! Of course the Republicans suck as well.

  8. Hawley is playing bullshit politics, plain and simple. He knows it's Trump's party now and he's trying to save his ass from a primary challenge for siding with Sanders. It is utterly pathetic how many of these DC hacks have no courage whatsoever and are only concerned about holding on to the power…that they rarely use for anything good.