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  1. I saw Morgan Freeman with that fool Don Lemon on CNN I was just passing through bc I have a lot of respect for Freeman. Don Lemon asked Freeman how do we solve race issues Freeman's reply was, stop talking about it. Morgan looked straight into Lemon's eyes and said, look at me look at you are we oppressed? Lemon bucked his eye and said nothing.

  2. As a white female living in the united states I want to Thank you, Officer Tatum, your one of the greats!! I love to listen to doesn't pander you keep it real and speak the truth and that's what I appreciate so much we all appreciate it…you give the not racist americans a voice…I love ALL people I see different colors but it just don't matter! Treat people like you want to be treated..

  3. The people in the locker room don't know what ur talking about…Until u talk about it.. My grand children don't associate watermelons with what ur talking about. But keep on..keeping on!!! Fuel the fire. You're putting that shit in my grand children heads. Stop it!!!!

  4. America is the great Melting Pot. That means that all of us we're from somewhere else. A good deal of my heritage is German. Germans have stereotyped food i e pork hocks with kraut and pickled pigs feet. My father and his father enjoyed these Foods. As a child I hated these Foods and today I would not eat them. Every nationality or ethnic group or racial group have their own Comfort Foods. You can look it up, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Love you officer Tatum, keep on talking!

  5. Amen brother , it’s sad what our country has came to, I love all people no matter . Not that it matters but I’m a 51 year old white guy from stroud Alabama . Brings tears to my eyes daily when I see all this BS . Keep up the good work my brother and god loves all but I know you know that . Just hurts my heart that we can all love each other like it’s should be . Love ya B Tatum

  6. Mr TATUM you are a Cool Guy , I am 77 yrs Young , I was bought in Mixed areas in NYC , Brooklyn etc
    when I was 15 Yrs old to 19 YRS Old I was hanging out in the streets and projects with people from anywhere and everywhere
    IT WAS GREAT .!! whoever went home first we all made jokes about him , NO ONE ESCAPED , and we all laughed at each other and the
    only thing that was off limits was … You Could Not Make Fun of Some Ones MOTHER ! ! ! , I have to say it again Colors and Races meant Nothing
    we all Got It I miss those days , I even went to see SOUL Singers like Jackie Wilson in Black theatres, these Neighborhood Theatre were So Black
    that even MOMS MABLEY made an appearance . I was the only White guy in the whole Theatre of about 5,000 people , No one Bothered me
    I only had one problem , Dick Gregory must have heard a White Guy was in the Audience and he made a surprise appearance and Made me stand up and raise my hands so everyone could see me. He told stories how whites tortured Blacks Luckily Moms Mabley came out and saved my ass
    I am still not Racist , I judge people on a 1 to 1 Basis Warren

  7. The thing is that all those things you just described, the food, is things that all poor people even WHITE people grew up eating as well. I grew up eating those foods. I felt I had more in common with the stereotypes of food ect that 'black' people were always associated with cause I was from a rural area and we ate those foods.
    Those foods are mostly just southern foods so I dk why it was ever put on black people as being a negative connotation for them cause of the color of their skin.
    I"m telling you down south at end of the day we are one team. We like the same foods. We have way more in common than not. I promise you!

  8. I think your 100% correct OT, Shannon Sharpe & others like him somehow enjoy pretending to be virtuous in their imaginary systemically racist society. The same society that they luxuriate in & make millions from. It seems they can only find meaning in self proclaimed victimhood because they have no true sense (pun intended) of God in their lives, imo.