California shuts down restaurants for at least 3 weeks FOR NO GOOD REASON



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  1. Officer Tatum,
    It's not about your health, it's about money, power and forced communism. You are an L.E.O. please tell your listeners not to obey the tyrants. The tyrant governors and mayors are breaking a lot of laws. To begin with, they are violating the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They cannot violate due process nor seize private property. Also, emergency orders have limits, usually 30 or 60 days, depending on the state. Governors are pretending they have more authority than they actually have to assert more power and to get more federal money.
    Governors can't make laws, that is the duty of the legislature. They are overstepping their legal authority by trying to control all 3 branches of government. Mayors and health depts have violated the laws as well. Restaurant owners need to know their rights, stand up for them and just open up for business. They need to get lawyers and just fight.bthe law is on their side. They can't shut a business without a court order. It's virtually impossible to prove a person got covi from any business.

  2. He's killing the whole state, not just the restaurant industry. Disneyland can't open until March. Hewlett-Packard is moving out of California. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris are all from California as well. The 49ers have to play home games in Arizona. And of course..
    the politicians are still dragging their feet on passing a stimulus bill.

  3. Losing what they’ve worked their whole lives for? It feels like the building blocks of socialism to me. Clear the board. Make the majority start with little to nothing. Things now appear “more even” among the average Joe. Have no fear though! Here comes the government to save us and provide for us. NOTICE I didn’t call them OUR government because you can forget about the power laying with the people and us electing who governs us. No. Those days will be long gone. I know people probably think this seems far fetched but when I think back and wonder “how did people ever let Nazi Germany and Hitler happen?!” This. Now. This is how those dark periods in the world’s history happen. Wake up. Stop complying with the simple commands. It’s called conditioning. They play on our fears and guilt us into doing things when they have a different set of rules for themselves.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make more foil hats. They’re going to make the perfect Christmas presents this year. You know, until they cancel Christmas.

  4. People DO need the government to tell them what to do. People absolutely cannot govern themselves. We’ve seen that since long before Covid. You are contradicting yourself Tatum. I’m not saying the governor should shut down restaurants, as did mine here in Michigan, but people need governing. They just can’t do it themselves. It’s utter chaos without it. Just look at BLM and ANTIFA.

  5. This is what happened in Europe already. Nobody is saying nothing, everybody is aligned like sheeps. The biggest trick they played on stupid is : well you can get the virus, you will survive, but think of your parents. F… CK, SO MUCH STUPIDITY. HERE COMES IDIOCRACY

  6. 328 million people in the U.S. 13.6 million positive cases. 265,000 deaths. Do the math. Only 3% of the population has even tested positive after 9 months. Deaths have gone down from around 6% to 2%. Cases might be climbing (when you count accumulative cases, of course it's going to go up!) But the death rate is declining.

    Vaccine is 95% effective. Your chance of dying if you get it is less than 2%. If you get it. Why would anyone get a vaccine? You have a greater risk of adverse side effects from the vaccine than you do of catching covid.

  7. Man, I tried to explain this exact thing to my colleagues today and they looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out my ears. Idk how to get thru to them and I’m shocked to see so many ppl follow these “mandates” so blindly. Too many sheep.

  8. you know that over 99% of Americans every year get the FLU and a large amount of folks die from the FLU but we don't shut down our world and hide to avoid it we move on. the same for COVID I am 65 and its not if I get this crap its when I get this crap, its way to embedded in our country to avoid getting it. So I say open America, if I get COVID that's my fight and I will kick its butt…so stop using that to shut down our lives………