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  1. CHUCK SCHUMER LOL. This guy leda scheme to remove black ppl from Flatbush section of NY. A bunch of wealthy white ppl in 70s hated a group of black home owners.(racial) He concocted a plan to refurb the nieghborhood turning it into a Co-Opp, figuring the black ppl wouldn't be able to raise enough $ to buy into it & end up losing their homes. They ended up raising the funds foiling the plan. But he's huge racist. Why he gets a free pass is beyond me. If I were running against him its 1st thing I'd nail him for. Those who would or could run against him are complicit in some way ( Dems & some Reps) they'd implicate themselves. If want Chuckies head or job? Its 100% true. Go for it.

  2. Trump has set land mines globally. He's dead in water. S Korea Israel Australia, India Taiwan. No matter what Joes does it ends in disaster or makes him/ America look like fraudsters. Yeah I know too late.
    If he gets back in Iran deal Israel said they'd attack Iran. If he fails to recognize Taiwan It shows he's in bed w China. If he does he pisses off China. S Korea wants Talks. Joe wants Cold war. If he doesn't back Aussie's He spitting in Britts face( still a territory) If he does? He pisses off China who's targeting Australia. New Zealand has capitulated.
    He's screwed everywhere.

  3. The grown children in congress are dangerous but don’t call them stupid. They are crack heads and they are quite sly and like to be called a bunch of names but not crack heads. Most of them are not crack heads but go on and call them that because it’s not fair. Now you see how this game works. The crack was imported and was supposed to go to me but some of them took the hit. I lost some friends too but it’s time to get them the help they need. Away from public office and give Hunter his 52nd intervention.

  4. Impeach "46" Xi-Biden also known as Comrade Joe has been a disaster for 46 years. The United States will no longer be a Constitutional republic after 4 years of this idiot… Laws won't matter because everything associated with this administration is corrupt – Including the Supreme Court!!!

  5. Honestly, I think this is the whole plan of the Biden/Harris administration. Biden gets in, screws up everything, gets impeached or he gets removed based on the 24th amendment, and then Queen Kamala comes in to save the day!
    She'll fix everything, become the "people's President" and once she has all of us by the balls (women included), all her Soros Fury will be unleashed!