The UAE’s real estate sector is positively booming as pent-up demand for property purchases combines with favourable market conditions and the country’s reputation for handling the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the DFSA-regulated property investment and technology platform, SmartCrowd, Dubai’s property market bottomed out last November and the first six months of 2021 confirmed a V-shaped recovery for the industry.

But is that really the case? Every quarter we receive a myriad of reports from real estate experts, analysing the very latest statistics from the sector – property price increases, rent reductions, the shift from apartments to villas, most popular areas, a shortage of ultra-luxury.

Developer aiming to address Dubai’s shortage of ultra-high-net real estate

Driven Properties to launch Sea Mirror, consisting of 18 villas that offer luxury island living, starting from $20m

Arabian Business will be tapping into that knowledge and expertise at the next edition of its live events series – the AB Real Estate Forum – to be held at the JW Marriott Marquis on September 20, where we will be striving to reveal the current state-of-play within the industry.

Panel one will provide an overview of the current market. Dubai’s prime and super-prime residential markets have continued on an impressive upward trajectory in the first half of 2021, with both local and global buyers continuing to see the appeal of Dubai for luxury real estate investment. Where is the Dubai real estate market headed?

The Industry View, in panel two, will look at how the real estate industry has needed to innovate and differentiate their product offering. How has this fared in creating sustainable growth and stability for the sector? What are the fresh ideas that are disrupting the industry from within and are there pockets of unexplored growth waiting to be discovered?

In panel three, we will be taking a deep dive into investment and financing options. Whatever country you are in, buying a property in it often represents the biggest investment many people make, so how do you get this right? Where is hot, where is there scope to maximise your investment and where are the pitfalls to avoid? And how to fund it, what to look out for when securing a mortgage.

And finally, the fourth and final panel of the event will cover the commercial real estate sector. The pandemic has led to hyper digitalisation and companies have had to rethink their commercial real estate plans including office spaces and retail stores. How has the industry responded to these challenges? What are the insights that we have on the future customer demands, are hybrid and shared commercial real estate going to become the new normal?

As always, we’ll be joined by a panel of thought leaders and experts to discuss all these issues and more.

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