Joe Biden and his radical leftist group of America haters continue to press for mandatory COVID vaccines for anyone across the country. They have successfully mandated vaccines for the military, federal workers, and he is attempting to pressure healthcare workers and American businesses into mandating them as well.

Many healthcare organizations fell into his trap. Even though most legal experts would agree that the Biden regime does not have the authority under the Constitution to pressure mandatory vaccines, healthcare systems and offices across the country agreed to follow the dictator’s directive.

Novant Health, a healthcare system based in North Carolina, took the next step and suspended employees for failing to comply with dictator Joe’s orders. According to CNN, approximately 375 workers were refused the opportunity to make a personal decision regarding their health and a vaccine. The workers face a 5-day unpaid suspension where they can comply or face termination.

This type of radical-left pandering is nothing new for the organization. Their social media accounts are filled with COVID vaccine propaganda and posts supporting mandatory masks in public schools. It is an organization that has gone headstrong for the Biden agenda.

The step to suspend and threaten termination for these workers is an unprecedented step. Healthcare systems and organizations across the country are facing a major staffing crisis amid the COVID pandemic. As organizations are canceling surgeries, closing services, and more in order to continue to operate COVID units, Novant Health apparently does not need its workers.

This will be far from the first case of an organization that takes this step. Other healthcare organizations will follow suit. Healthcare workers across the country face the dilemma: comply with dictator Biden’s demands or face the consequences. Many will no doubt choose the latter.

As it should be! From the radical left, we constantly hear “my body my choice” unless it comes to their agenda and their demands. Then, you comply or face cancellation. So we are seeing organizations that are struggling to keep services operating willing to sacrifice their employees all for the sake of a political agenda.

This type of action is going to lead to increased wait times at hospitals and medical clinics. It’s going to lead to reduced capacity and longer times for Americans to be able to receive medical care. Oh wait, that sounds like socialist healthcare doesn’t it?

That sounds like what we continue to hear from those who say socialism is so great. Ask for a doctor’s appointment and get it in about 4 months. Go to the emergency room for treatment, get seen in a few days. I remember when I traveled to China they shared that you could only go to the doctor or the hospital on the day in which you were assigned to be able to go.

Welcome to the future of healthcare in the United States.

Joe Biden through his incompetent actions has placed Americans more at risk in almost every capacity. Our nation is less secure from terrorist threats. We are at risk of financial default amid calls for increased spending. Now, we face the real risk that we could face rationed healthcare in the future.

The fact that we are even in this situation is all thanks to the woke left and their mission to drive a political narrative through a healthcare pandemic. I do not think anyone is denying COVID is real, we have seen the effects of the virus. That’s not the issue here.

The issue is that the woke left is using this as a means to erode American freedom. They have used the pandemic as a means to attempt to force businesses into submission, Americans into submission, and now revolutionize healthcare right before our eyes.

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