The upper air observing station of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has been accredited by the World Meteorological Organization as the centennial upper air observing station.


The HKO’s observing station at King’s Park, Kowloon is the first centennial upper air observing station to be accredited globally. Its surface observing station was also accredited by the organisation as one of the first batch of centennial observing stations in 2017.


Through an accreditation mechanism, the organisation commends meteorological stations that maintain high-quality meteorological measurements as well as properly archive historical documents and long-term observation data in different parts of the world.


The HKO said that long-term meteorological observations are crucial for documenting and analysing the Earth’s climate change, which help drive the development of climate research.


It has set up a webpage to introduce the work of the upper air observing station and its important milestones through precious historical photos.

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