Kuala Lumpur ― Earlier this year, Malaysian influencer Yang Bao Bei was accused of fraud after she tried to commit suicide. She suffered losses in finance, friendship and trust from the incident.

YBB swore that she would change her ways and slowly regain her followers’ trust. Unfortunately, things have not changed much from before.

On Sept 23, the influencer was accused of returning to her old ways again by several netizens. This time, it was claimed that YBB had cheated netizens of iPhones.

The accusations were rife and had caused YBB to delete her old Instagram account. Those who were affected by the alleged fraud then took to Facebook to call out YBB and warn people that the influencer was falling back to her old ways.

Arh Zhen, one of the victims explained that she had believed in YBB’s change and did not mind supporting her. That is why she bought an iPhone from YBB earlier this month, reported Hype.my.

Besides Arh Zhen, at least two others had bought iPhones from YBB. However, YBB did not give Arh Zhen the phone. And when Arh Zhen asked for a refund, YBB had neglected to reply her.

For the one victim who did receive a phone, he was outraged to discover he’d been given the wrong version instead.

Besides being ignored and cheated, the victims were threatened by YBB to remove their posts. Screenshots showed her claiming the company would not be responsible and that if they did not remove the posts, she would disclose their information and contact the police.

“My company is dealing with it,” she told them. “Don’t mess with me.”

One victim has since deleted the post.

Nevertheless, many others are taking a stand against YBB. Her Instagram account had been reported until it was banned.

Yang Bao Bei has a new Instagram account. Picture: Instagram

However, many others are taking a stand against her. As a result, YBB’s Instagram account has been reported until it was banned.

She was forced to open a new account, which she announced on Sept 24.

“Ten years of hard work are gone,” she stated. “Goodbye to my IG.”

Yang Bao Bei insists on her innocence. “Too many people don’t know the truth,” she said. “They just report me indiscriminately.”

The influencer claims her company is currently investigating the matter and hopes to clear everything up soon. She promises to give a full account of the matter as soon as she can.

It appears that YBB is wise for taking responsibility for the allegations, but it still does not explain the threats or the ghosting. If she does not turn over a new leaf, the damage to her followers’ trust may be irreparable. /TISG

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