Kuwait’s participation in Expo Dubai 2020 will be the largest of its kind in the country’s history and a reflection of its deep cultural heritage, according to Mazen Ali Zakaria Alansari, deputy director of the Kuwait pavilion in an interview with Arabian Business.

“The main thing for us is participation. This is the first expo in the GCC, Arab world, and the Middle East region, so it is very important for us to play a big role in making sure that it is a worldwide success,” he said.

The opening ceremony for the world’s most anticipated event is just hours away, marking the start of a six-month global showcase that is set to attract more than 25 million visits.

“Success of Expo 2020 Dubai is not only a success for the UAE, it is also a success for Kuwait and the Arab world at large,” Alansari shared.

Under the thematic title, ‘New Kuwait: New opportunities for sustainability’, the Kuwaiti pavilion is located in the Sustainability district and spans an area of 5,000 sqm.

“Our pavilion is one of our largest participations at an international level, signifying how important Expo is to Kuwait,” said Alansari.

The pavilion will highlight the geographic and cultural heritage of Kuwait, and showcase the past, present and future of the country, in line with the Kuwait Vision 2035, dubbed as ‘New Kuwait’.

“The pavilion goes through our past to our present, showcasing the current achievements of Kuwait and then moving on to what Kuwait is doing to ensure the future sustainability of its resources,” he added.

Visiting Expo 2020 Dubai – what you need to know

Organisers have implemented stringent health measures to ensure the safety of all visitors throughout the 182-day duration of the event

Speaking about the inspiration behind the pavilion’s design, Alansari said: “The pavilion resembles the sand dunes of Kuwait and the natural terrain of the desert, and in the middle of it is the water tower which represents water as the main source of life.”

Inside the pavilion, visitors will be treated to a visual treat with a multimedia presentation that will highlight the contributions of the youth and their role in nation-building. Apart from the cultural attractions and performances that await the visitors, the open-air theatre on the rooftop will also be a big attraction of the pavilion.

The Kuwaiti pavilion is placing a great emphasis on youth empowerment and supporting its entrepreneurs, in line with its 2035 vision.

“We are building an infrastructure for our youth, and focusing on supporting, educating, and preparing them, because they’re essentially going to be building the future of Kuwait,” said Alansari.

Mazen Ali Zakaria Alansari, deputy director of the Kuwait pavilion.

With that, the Kuwaiti pavilion is set to have six booths outside its building that will showcase participation for local brands and small businesses.

“We’re keen on highlighting SMEs, and especially our young entrepreneurs over the next six months,” Alansari said.

He added that Expo will help boost international relations by bringing together all nations under one platform, with many countries seeking to benefit economically after the challenges of the pandemic.

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