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  1. They're afraid of people realizing that they in fact have many common goals they can take on together instead ofarguing about stuff they disgree about. To escalate it they need those lies that some people believe. "I was almost killed" is of course bs, but plenty of radicalized lefties believe it. That combined with them drawing the line like "you either believe this or you're a nazi" ensures that people will be at each others throats again instantly. Unity is the last thing the far left think tank wants.

  2. Anyone here ever heard of DarkSydePhil? He's a video game livestreamers who, several years ago, got paid a visit by police. The officers took a look around the place, took note of all the "gamer shit" they saw, and left without incident. DSP initially laughed it off, calling it his first swatting, but did a live vlog shortly after accusing his haters of trying to kill him, calling it attempted murder and even terrorism. And if you know anything about DSP, you'd know that he has very much earned those haters. There is a dedicated community of people that devote their free time to documenting his constant greedy e-begging, toxic insults to his (unironic) fans, extremely reckless spending of money on mobile games – WWE Champions in particular – and through it all, he never stops lying and playing the victim.
    Combine all that with DSP running his fanbase like a cult, and he'd make a damn fine leftist if he weren't too lazy to go riot with the rest of them.

  3. AOC is like a twelve year old school girl, I have watched her vidios, and cannot believe she as been given a job as a politician,if you just listened to her voice, you would swear it was a child, why are all the Democrats politicians cannot be taken seriously with the likes of AOC and a few others I have seen,

  4. No it's about a game that the quote-unquote left and right in government are actually two heads of the same coin and they're all against us it's the illusion of sides its the illusion of options they look at us like we are and they call us CHATTLE. It's just a system of Total control it's ingrained into every facet of life it's the illusion of choice Coke Pepsi Ford Chevrolet Nintendo Sega Playstation Xbox just think about it and wake up

  5. I still think she'd be reformed if someone slapped her up a bit.She got elected by her own surprise and now truly shows her puberty level maturity everytime she opens her month. She remains the product of liberal socialist propaganda agenda of tenured college professors.They are academicia's career political gurus.