Saagar Enjeti breaks down Biden’s early days in office and explains what he’s doing wrong and how he can change it.

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  1. All they are doing is keeping America's money in the air…The pandemic isn't in the air… immigration isn't in the air….the pipeline is not in the air and the fact remains since March 15 I have received $1,800.00 total. What they are saying is that that is all I needed in the last 11 months to figure it out….We are pawns and nothing is happening for the citizens…Even you guys reporting, how weak. It is frustrating you both are still getting paid…

  2. BTW: I have an idea for the $2000.00 COVID-Survival checks, ready? Ok: If the Representative

    or Senator from your town or district or state votes “No” on the checks (including a-s-hat

    Democrats like Manchin!), all the people who he/she represents, his/her actual

    voters/constituents, get NOTHING. They voted for this a-s-clown so live with his/her choices.

    And just imagine how much money will be saved, which is what Repubs are always talking about

    (when it’s not about tax-breaks for the wealthy, of course).

    Hey! You elected this piece-of-sh-t – you bought ‘em, you got ‘em, now live with it.

  3. I used to be a democrat but now Libertarian because of a few reasons. Mostly because of knowledge I've gained on issues that in my opinion are far more important to this countries future than others. First off we allow one million people to become citizens per year which is about 980,000 more than any economy in the world and throughout history can keep up with and support. That one million also hurts the chances of American citizens in poverty like black Americans as well as white impoverished Americans to find work with a liveable wage. 150ish million people are not employed and not paying taxes already so the damage of one million plus a year is foolish and financially irresponsible. Dems have allowed the purchase of property and land by non citizens and don't even require them to live in the US with a minimum of dual citizenship. The outsourcing, the import and export trade etc etc etc

  4. This lady thinks people are stupid! Trump did create union jobs and then some the people know that when he got into office there was no covid-19 to deal with the economy was on the way up and up stock market at record levels and a fake Obits care what's all orchestrated to bring down the economy shut everything down and put the scare into the people and blame Trump but mostly it was designed to create V OTE by mail first day in office Joe Biden killed almost 50,000 jobs when one is secutive older who you people think you're fooling you Biden supporters you're going to see what dictatorship Rule is.

  5. You honestly think that if Trump did infrastructure within the first couple of months after inauguration that he would have built goodwill with Democrats? They were calling for impeachment within the first 2 weeks of his presidency. Trump offered full legalization of DACA recipients into law in exchange for border wall money and changes to immigration law and the Democrats said no compromise