Saagar Enjeti discusses a major conflict of interest between the Biden administration and hedge funds involved in the Robinhood/ Reddit scandal.

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  2. Janet Yellen Treasury Secretary needs to tell her BOSS Biden to reverse his pipeline loss of jobs, the wall loss of jobs and any others he plans to send packing because any of her comments are useless when she speaks of the 18 million Americans on unemployment and the almost 2 million more that are filing!

    President Trump was correct, this Biden administration will take jobs away from Americans because they are delusional. Yes the world is beautiful creation when we work for common goals, yet this futile administration is in denial of what needs to be done.

  3. She was paid for multiple things that add up to 800k. They all took place before she was in current public service. Should she recuse? Probably so since the mere appearance of influence degrades confidence in the system. I am disappointed that these "reporters" are skewing it pretty hard. It needs to be noticed and acted on but they are leaving out facts and overstating their position. That is also unethical.