Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti break down the latest updates on President Trump’s potential impeachment.

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  1. McConnell is still evil personified, but he's doing what these republicans should be doing with an incompetent force like Trump who is way weaker than his own movement that has the potential to just exist on the fringe if it stops getting fed.
    McConnell is the least popular senator but keeps getting elected so he knows. The republican vote in a red district is a sure thing. There's no need to entertain fads, it makes you come off as weak. And McConnell, if anything, knows how to harness power, as awful as he is.

  2. The democrats have been slapping their base in the face for decades now and it always turns out to vote from them. The republicans voter base will suck it up and do the same. Mitch is more worried about losing donor money than he is about primary challenges from hold out magatards. If enough of corporate America tells Mitch to flush Trump, Mitch will give the green light.

  3. bReaking from the Washington Post. They investigated the riot they are blaming Trump for. Most of the instigation they claim were on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Not even from Trump. This is the biggest con job in the world. Twitter just got shut out in Australia now along with other US social media for their interference in elections.

  4. As something of a boring centrist I've spent much of the past 4 years playing Devil's Advocate for Trump supporters. Because they had some very legitimate concerns. And the opposition from the left was often hysterical. But Trump crossed a line when he started hinting that he would never concede. Please just get rid of him now. Impeach and convict. So that global politics doesn't have to go through this chaos all over again.