‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host reacts to migrant apprehension numbers. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. I have already begun to see small groups of strange-looking people roaming around at night and have informed the local police of what I'm saying Detroit to accuse me of thinking that they are bad people but I said all I'm just driving to you as what I see and the description of the individuals which is what you asked me when I call you and they are up to no good

    Of course it goes in one of the police usually only respond when something happens but they sure do know how to find a guy who falls asleep someplace and for that they use enforcement and that is my vision of supreme hypocrisy ears and out of the other

  2. The title is “… flying illegal immigrants”.
    Why do people keep spreading this lie? It is impossible to be an “illegal immigrant” or even an “undocumented immigrant”!
    Until you file your paperwork you are an alien, you are not an immigrant until you file paperwork for that request, at which point you are an immigrant with status “pending”.
    Anyway, once you have a status of “immigrant”, by definition you are neither illegal nor undocumented.

    Tucker referred to them as “illegal migrants” a couple of times and this also isn’t correct. Until the left started sugar coating the term they were not migrants until they received either an EB1, EB2 or EB3 card, referred to as a Green Card, at which point they are both a migrant and legal. There is no such thing as an “illegal migrant”.

  3. I knew it! The military & politicians are behind this illegal immigration garbage. Disgusting. And the country is doing nothing…just listening to Fox. How come the Republicans have no voice in the Hillary Clinton Benghazi scandal, the e-mail scandal….after she destroyed government property to hide evidence..No one acting on impeaching JOKE Biden? After all this scandal surrounding him and his son? Where are the Republicans? The swamp was swift to impeach Trump. Do the same to hidin' Biden. Where are the Republicans! Do something to counter the never Trumpers..Wake up America!

  4. We are not a democracy nor are we a republican nation. We are the Constitutional Republic, a singe party system. We the people don't decide who runs the government. We the people run the government. This hijacking of our nation is at its end. We are not playing these devide and conquer games anymore. Everyone in government right now are in violation of high treason right now and the tribunals better start now!

  5. Lovely, you are the best. The only news channel with relevant, uplifting and real news. Truly bringing people together and make all of us better. Keep up the good work! Just one thing, encourage people to think about others if not their young ones and get vaccinated?

  6. Hi! A few years ago I was drugged and committed to the hospital. While there I noticed there was a separate section of people that was walking in circles and didn’t have any chairs or tables to sit at. I also noticed they would give them food but wouldn’t hand it to them. They would leave it in the tray cart. I didn’t see any of those people eat at all. It appeared as if these people were in the same clothes for a long time too. Something else I noticed was the hospital employees would “let the patients get their loved ones number out of their phone.” However I believe this was their way of obtaining their passcode. I witnessed them texting from patients phones.