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  1. Im from New Zealand. I am a huge Trump supporter. I really want Trump to be the leader of the free world. However. ….The problem is going to be dealing with more trump derangement and most likely more plandemics .
    It almost feels easier to just let america crumble under bidden.
    Trump wants peace and unity firstly for America then the rest of the world also……love from new zealand

  2. With out President Trump you got nothing to hope for. Remember no Christams no safe streets no jobs They WILL DO WHAT THEY DID TO YOUR STREETS. TAKE WHAT THEY WANT. And old Joe and his son and friends will help.those people doing the mail are left over from Obama and Old Joe.

  3. the fact there's so many people in the US who actually voted for Biden makes me sick. Nearly half of the voting population in our country knows nothing about the candidate they endorsed, who could vote for a man whose mental capacity is clearly failing? It's shocking and sad, and if Biden wins we're all fucked. There's no way they didn't cheat though, am i right? Nobody at Biden rally's and he can win. No.

  4. It is freaking hilarious how badly the Democrats are phishing for excuses. I’m watching CNN because I want a front row seat to their hypocrisy and lies. They are so sad, pathetic and desperate. Though listening how CNN is crying like a pathetic little bitc is worth having to put up with their brain damage. They can take their “moral victory” and sqwee, sqwee all the way home.