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  1. Actually if sleepy Joe actually is linked to his sons money laundering then he will be unfit to even be running for an election let alone it’s grounds for impeachment if he does becomes president but if it’s back dated before the election which it is then he is a criminal that was running for president which is against the law and constitution.

  2. They used sharpies at the voting booths to cancel out votes for trump in several states! Too many reports n comments!! In pennsylvania at 4 am 1000's of mailin votes showed up n not by the usual vehicle n every single one was for biden! And biden won that state! There had better be an investigation!

  3. The really shocking revelation in the Hunter Biden affair is actually not the story itself, but rather what the suppression of the story equates to, or implies – it is a SOLID revelation. And that revelation is that 98.9% (or better) of the so-called American Mainstream Media (MSM) has remained absolutely SILENT on this matter. Ninety-Eight-Percent?! Silence of that magnitude has the direct effect of screaming so loud, it's deafening! This story has proven to be a gauge, a meter, a barometer. A 110% axiomatically verifiable, completely foolproof indicator that the American MSM is at least 98% controlled. And it's controlled for nefarious ill-conceived purposes. Ninety… Eight… Percent! Controlled! Feel that. 98% of what you're seeing/hearing from the American MSM… are LIES. No? Then ask yourself, 'Where in the American mainstream news did you see/hear this story?' "Oh, I must've fallen asleep while watching the news." – "I probably just missed that news cycle." – Now read this—> IT WAS HIDDEN FROM YOU!!! It's starting to drip-drip-drip down now, but where was it before that? And if/when you did happen to see/hear it, how did the MSM handle it? And for how long? This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact. That is to say that there are indeed those who are conspiring towards your control/demise. Some always knew the MSM was controlled, but not to what extent. Others had little to no idea at all. Until now. Listen, if the MSM can be this completely controlled, then what more for various other sectors in America? Politics, religion, commerce, unions, banking, corporations, education, law, law enforcement, medical, pharmaceutical, entertainment, sports, various other industries, etc… What, you think they'll stop at controlling just the MSM?! That would make less than zero sense. I mean, why would they stop there? Control of the American MSM barely constitutes a page in their ill-conceived playbook – let alone a chapter. And if it can be successfully achieved in America, then how much more so for the rest of the world? All said you've been living in this Orwellian Newspeak Matrix for decades. Perhaps even for most of your life. Yes, and what a long strange trip it's been. Welcome back.