Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to the latest FBI updates on the insurrection at the Capitol.

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  1. If it's a big deal the only officer to fire needs to be investigated as well as the people who fought with two staffers and a cop as well as the two staffers and the dead cop. Also we need to know if all the violence happened at one entryway or if it was sporadic over the entire protest. Also the owner of the vehicle filled with explosives and/or weapons needs to be investigated. Also the people chanting need to be found and investigated. These should be priorities above the black latino leader of a random "white supremacist" organization that wasn't there.

    If it's going to be a big deal we need more answers and less conjecture. But also maybe a bit of outrage for CHAZ/CHOP gunfights and slayings by that Seattle insurrection's security organizers.

  2. Are we just gonna continue to ignore all the videos of police letting them through the barrier and waving them into the upstairs hall? That a pipe bomb was found during Trump's speech calling for a peaceful gathering? That 4 militent leftists were identified as key instigators in prior riots, none of whom were arrested or received so much as a bruise – and even took selfies with officers at the barrier? No? Alright, then.

  3. Over reacting guys, calm down, this is the first time I've been ashamed of your broadcast. AOC is a great actress and both side's of the aisle have people who have no business in politics. We have heard some members boldly LIE to the country and blame other members for the things the Liars did. There is back stabbing and deflection happening every day. Most of the time Krystal, Saagar I truly enjoy your broadcast, this time NOT so much. Please go back to thinking outside the box. Thank you

  4. For those wanting another conspiracy theory, how is it that being informed of oncoming violence, nothing was done to secure the Capitol? Trkuble was that aliens screwed up all the defense communication system with laser beams being bombarded from invisible aircraft hovering over Washington, DC. The most emblematic building in the country practicing what is considered an important democratic procedure was defended by just a bunch of Capitol police cops after being forewarned. The truth is almost as unbelievable as the conspiracy theories.

  5. Why did Americans fees empowered to take justice into their own hands across ALL of the riots in the last few months? Because justice has not been served. No true solutions were enacted in relation to the BLM riots and as a result, the black American community continues to be large disenfranchised. No true solution has been enacted to ensure trust in any future presidential election and as a result, Americans will continue to feel emboldened to take justice into their own hands.