On Thursday, Special Prosecutor John Durham dragged a Russian national, who was the primary source in the infamous and debunked dossier that kicked off the Russian collusion hoax, into court Thursday on charges of lying to the FBI with his information. And as would be expected, the liberal broadcast networks had no interest in sharing this massive development in the false story they tried to sink the Trump presidency with for four years.

As NewsBusters previously reported regarding the network coverage from that night, instead of covering important news like this latest development in the Durham probe, ABC’S World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News gawked at a coming cold snap. They also implied that the 11 white jurors in the Ahmaud Arbery trial were racist as they hinted his family would not find justice with only one black juror.

They also ignored the Biden administration admitting they were going to dole out a massive payday to illegal immigrants who had their families separated at the border.

Meanwhile, it was Fox News Channel’s Special Report that shared the news the American people needed to know about. “A Russian analyst who helped provide information for the now-infamous dossier that fueled the Trump-Russia investigation has been arrested,” announced anchor Bret Baier. “It is a crucial part of the ongoing probe we’ve been telling you about since the beginning by Special Prosecutor John Durham.”



“His name is Igor Danchenko and he is charged with five counts of lying to the FBI. He was arrested this morning. He was in custody earlier today. We have some fresh video within the last hour and a half of him leaving court in the Eastern District of Alexandria,” reported correspondent David Spunt.

He wasn’t the first Fox News reporter to be on the Durham beat. That reporter was Catherine Herridge before she moved over to CBS News. And unfortunately, her reporting on the topic was relegated to Twitter but…

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