Krystal Ball analyzes the growing anger American people have with the elites.



  1. I used to think

    That only America's way, way was right

    But now the holy dollar rules everybody's lives

    Gotta make a million doesn't matter who dies

    Revolution calling

    Revolution calling

    Revolution calling you

    Revolution calling

    Revolution calling

    Gotta make a change

    Gotta push, gotta push it on through

    I used to trust the media

    To tell me the truth, tell us the truth

    But now I've seen the payoffs

    Everywhere I look

    Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

  2. One thing the news has missed about the game stop story is that the wallstreet short sellers were actually underestimating the viability of the franchise.

    It's not blockbuster.

    Games have much higher replayability and tradability. The used and legacy markets are large, popular with young people, and not really replaceable. Legacy systems still often require physical discs or cartridges that are not currently well set up for online trading, particularly not for those under 18 or with bad credit. They also require inspection and physical transfer which is hard to do and a hassle to young people.

    Game stop had a lot of the appeal of used bookstores but perhaps even more so for young people, collectors and bargain hunters. I know because I habe physically gone with young people more than once to game stop. It is part of a segment if youth culture.

    The pandemic was hurting it, but it wasn't really on a terminal trajectory the way blockbuster and other brick specialty stores were.

    I'm reminded a little bit of the elevator conversation from the movie wallstreet between Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas.

    CS: It's a good company. Why do you have to wreck it.

    MD: Because it's wreckable.

    The wallstreet bets crowd were rescuing a company they liked as much as they were taking on the predatory capitalists. Same goes for AMC.

  3. The clip they played had nothing to do with your news story, but who would know? That’s OK though. Keep watching Crystal, and believing what she says, and you will avoid learning how the world really works. I was a socialist for many years when I was younger, until I realized that they don’t have a clue.Socialist or a bigger scam then hedge funds.

  4. This is all a laughing matter for the elites you can't hurt the real wealth, they are untouchable. According to Bloomberg, the world's 25 richest families control $1.4 trillion (1,400,000,000,000) of wealth. I wish you all luck, my heart is with you, but my mind knows better.

  5. The problem with the ultimatum game is, I think, it applies to both sides. Which is to say, from the elitist perspective, if they think they might have to share the common wealth, they would rather have a war and smash everything up. In a sense one can see WWI and WWII as the elites way of trying to avoid universal suffrage and democracy; they had to give a little after that and have been trying to claw back ever since.