Krystal Ball and Rachel Bovard discuss Nancy Pelosi’s newly announced committee aimed at “combat the crisis of income and wealth disparity in America.”

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  1. These guys spend so much time making committees and doing studies and nothing ever gets done. This is what Pelosi does best. Making folks think that something is being done and then they make a book report at the end and the report is thrown in a desk and forgotten about.

  2. Wake up people! Wake the F UP! The right and left are both wrong! We need balance. A lot of us are sitting at home with not much to do and getting triggered over the smallest things. And that is what most higher ups want (governments, deepstates, or whatever). If we are fighting amongst ourselves, they can do what they want and sit back and watch us tear each other apart.
    Stop falling for the race bait, gender bait, whatever bait they are trying to throw at us! Think for yourselves people!

    Both sides have been throwing us very little and taking so much from us. I have watched about every platform, from far left to far right, I have talked to just about every type of person, all the way from far left to far right. What I get is every one want to be correct and not be wrong about anything.
    No one is perfect! (But that is what makes us all Great!) We need challenges in our lives or we would not be living! And yes a lot have more challenges than others, but that is not an excuse to just sit back and whine!

    If you don’t like how you local government or police force is doing things, get involved with them and work with them to try and better all of our communities. Our government and police work for us! They are people just like us!

    We all have a right to live our lives as we see fit, as long it is within some common laws and not hurting anyone. You are the guide to your own life and if you don’t do anything but sit around and complain, then that is on YOU!

    Do your research, get involved, offer help to your neighbor, talk to people you don’t agree with and give them a compliment, even if you do not agree with what they say. Ask questions, but also listen to the answers you get.
    Violence is not the answer!
    Please, people Unite!