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  1. As a conservative I believe now correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like these two parties are the same they throw us a show and at the end of the day they go out and have drinks together…I am a conservative and I am registered as an independent. All though I did respect President Trump because he is not a politician he is a businessman and what ever came out of his mouth was what he really meant…unlike these politicians they all sing the same song on both parties.

  2. The republicans are terrified of having the same treatment that trump got. That is why he is such a great man, he wasn't scared. Despite all their evil plots to bring him down. It's like one of the old cartoons I used to watch. The baddies devise a new cunning plan each episode to get the hero.

  3. I changed from R to independent YEARS AGO! RAND PUAL Is the ONLY politician I like & trust. A true libertarian. The whole thing is a giant show. All of them are satanic pedophiles & Zionist Rothschild puppets merely playing their given roles to divide the masses while they usher in their Messiah the anti-christ and the One world government and religion.. I refuse to vote in national elections anymore. Only local. There's countless evidence to prove what I stated. They are ALL Zionist Israel 1st sellouts. Behind closed doors they are all best friends, belong to the same satanic secret societies, freemasons/ skull&bones or Jesuits etc… the sooner people WAKE UP, Look at all the blatant evidence & know their Bible, they'll realize what's going on & what's coming VERY VERY SOON! DON'T FALL FOR THE ALIEN DECEPTION! They are the return of the Fallen Angels in revelation but satan can't have people know that, hence "aliens from outerspace" Not only roll they be fallen angels but could also be fake projections. Research PROJECT BLUEBEAM!

  4. I agree. It HAS BEEN TIME BUT SAME OLD BEEP! That IS the large difference I believe. And Trump is a Politician. People react like supposed to. You have to play their games back Hackers, get the AMERICAN POLITICAL PRISONS OUT, …STOP FEEDING INTO BOTH PARTIES BS. STAND UP REPUBLICANS! Same ol' same evey day! To be honest I voted for who I thought was the BEST CANDIDATE. Honest in what your expression cuz I KNOW WE ARE NOT ALONE IN FEELING THIS WAY.

  5. The Republican Party isn't great, but it's that or the Demon…uh…Democratic Party… more or less.

    There's more going on here, though. The scientific community has tried to renounce the Bible and lead people away from Christ. It really feels like a light attack on the church, especially with those studies exposing so-called "racist" thoughts in the church. We need to pray and get back in touch with our roots. There may be enough of us now, though, to effect serious change. Since we are supposedly a huge part of the voting community, maybe we should actually put our power behind our beliefs.

    I wish we could effect change like these "anti-racist" people seem to be able to.