Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to a New York Times article about Andrew Yang.

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  1. He supports madatory barcodes for vaccines… He supports the idea that if you don't have a barcode you can't get a job or receive medical care.

    Forcing your way in… is what the communist's do. Unfortunately everyone is so "woke" now that I am certain that in the future they will protest to be locked up in cages, chipped and tracked. The biggest spread taking place is mass hysteria.

    Stop hero worshiping these people.
    Tend to your own flame.

  2. If a bunch of people have to walk over sharp rocks for some reason, should I really have to say "I happen to be able to walk on sharp rocks without pain because I have the privilege of being able to own shoes?" Come on… if you have means you use them. In this case his family has the means to make their life slightly easier during the pandemic so they did so. If he didn't, he would be a fool. Do you want a fool to lead NYC…. oh… nevermind….

  3. America should have given its people a better option for presidential vote. This guy is one option. Looking at his speeches he's very intellectual and had a better understanding of the problem that US is facing right now. But what America did, put forward the most controversial people for its presidential candidates, who doesn't understand the problems of the common working class people.