Iconoclast: Collapsing Media Narratives 

Some mistakes are natural, but “when the sources of news keep getting things wrong, and all the errors lie in the exact same direction, and they are reluctant to acknowledge error, we have a problem,” warns Andrew Sullivan at his Substack. Agenda-driven reporting on the Kenosha shootings “effectively excluded the possibility that [Kyle] Rittenhouse was a naive, dangerous fool . . . who, in the end, shot assailants in self-defense,” so testimony that he did just that “came as a shock.” Add in the collapse of the Steele dossier: Donald Trump “was right, in the end, about the dodgy dossier; he was right about the duped FBI’s original overreach; and the mass media . . . were wrong. And yet the dossier dominated the headlines for three years, and the ‘corrections’ have a fraction of the audience of the errors.” Add in the errors on the lab-leak theory, Jussie Smollett’s fictions and so much more: “All these false narratives just happen to favor the interests of the left and the Democratic Party.” 

Legal expert: Rittenhouse Prosecutors’ Disaster 

“What is most striking about the [Kyle Rittenhouse] trial is that, even more than a year later, prosecutors seem to be learning critical details at the same time as the jury,” Jonathan Turley fumes at The Hill. Testimony described one of those he killed, Joseph Rosenbaum, “as threatening Rittenhouse and others and engaging in random violence;” prosecutors opened the door to the revelation that he “suffered from bipolar disorder.” Gaige Grosskreutz admitted he was shot only after he “pointed his own 9mm handgun at Rittenhouse’s head.” Indeed, “even the prosecution’s medical witness proved beneficial to the defense.” The jurors may now acquit on all counts, “because the credibility of the prosecution is established by the lead charge,” and “if the first-degree charge is wildly out of reach, they are more…

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