Fox News host calls out a CNBC executive who used his wife to secretly contribute money to political campaigns on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Steel (Steal?) admitted to violating federal campaign law, explicitly stating that he knew he was violating the law. Too bad he wasn't a Republican so he would be fired and prosecuted. Because he is a Democrat nothing will happen to him. And if you ask, you will be called a right wing radical or worse for even bring the subject up.

  2. yes, definitely do more story's on proving they are not reporting news, most of them are the woke lefts news an they push thier propaganda,
    explain how they frame storys to fit thier narrative, even when they add an take thing's out of story's an push it as fact,

    an even tho a story might have happened, the way they change it around just to fit a narrative basically makes it false,

    show how they project, by accusing others of doing what they do, like pushing misinformation,

    they say so many other's do it, but it is actually them doing that very thing so much, especially the past few years it happens more an more, like we saw so much of it last year,
    now it may have always been going on, but they are just so out in the open an obvious because they think people are sheep an wont even realize it,

    people need to hear an see this, an maybe they will wake up an stop watching or at least believing so much of the BS the other mainstream media pushes,

    an they don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to this, now im sure they can lie it away, they have almost perfected the art of BS, but it is still a very important thing for more to know,

  3. Fox news donates to political organizations and parties, tucker carlson is the highest paid news journalist, and fox lawyers admitted in court that any reasonable person would understand that tuckers show is for entertainment not factual news, how does no one see the irony here. He's calling out the left leaning news organizations for doing the same thing he and fox news do, the left news organizations suck but tucker is a huge hypocrite. They are all playing the same game and we're the pawns