Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) blasted the January 6 Committee during a debate on the subpoena of Steve Bannon.



  1. Baby Gaetz could have summarized his doom and gloom assessment by saying, "Please join me in thanking the former guy for leaving a whole grab bag full of sh/t sandwiches in the top drawer of the Resolute Desk, he left enough cherry bombs in White House toilets that we can wave a list of Trump-built carnages so people don't have to look at Steve Bannon and whether he had anything to do with the following for things or all of them – 10,000 impassioned maga-flagging patriots running cover for 3 teams of mercenaries (Proudbois, Oathkeepers, thReapers) intent on assassinating the presidential line of succession

  2. This Gaetz character needs to shut his mouth. He needs to be hauled up by the seat of his rich pants and charged with paedophilia once and for all. He does nothing but deflect, deflecting statements he has no idea of what about . Lower expectations Gaetz? Yes, we have lowered our expectations that those in the hall of government actually deserve to be there. I hear DOJ had hired two professional child exploitation prosecutors Matty baby.