Jen Psaki Tests Positive for Tha RONA RONA

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    I don't agree with the new lady that has taken Jen saki position.. But I like her much more…
    The new lady seems to have her act together …( press secretary ).. And she has her notes up to date and answers with intelligence…
    Much better than. "" I'll have to circle back to that..""

  2. The Demonic Rats Say Trust There Science.
    They Should Have Trust The LORD and RISEN SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST The One and Only True GOD of Abraham Issac Jacob. The Rapture is a Glorious Day
    for GOD's children.

    But a Very Very Very Very Dreadful day
    for the UNSAVED have to go through
    The Tribulation.

    Warning Alert: Rapture Is Coming
    Warning Alert: Rapture is Coming
    Warning Alert: Rapture is Coming
    Is the Only True GOD
    Is the Only True GOD
    Is the Only True GOD
    Have a Blessed Day

  3. American people today have lost touch with reality. Pure and simple, this is a virus that kills, but not everyone. Approximately 2% of the infectred die. In 1347 the Black Death killed 20 million people over a period of 4 years, and the virus was never killed or eliminated. This was the first record of quarantine efforts used by humanity. It is believed that the same virus killed in 1400's, without defeat. At least today we have some means of protection…but the virus keeps changing. Is today's efforts of survival good or bad! Time will tell….I pray this virus is not what we faced many years ago.